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    The Nazi Bell (Die Glock)

    The Nazi Bell

    The Die Glocke

    In short, Die Glocke, or the Bell, is an alleged top-secret pinnacle of the Nazi Wunderwaffe war effort. This Nazi Bell supposedly had “some kind of anti-gravitational effect.”

    The terrifying object might have escaped the world’s notice were it not for an intrepid journalist named Igor Witkowski. In the year 2000, Witkowski published a book in his native Poland entitled Prawda o Wunderwaffe – or The Truth About the Wonder Weapon. In this expose, Witkowski revealed he first discovered the existence of the device when he read transcripts of an interrogation session of former SS Officer Jakob Sporrenberg.

    The alleged Nazi Bell itself was given its moniker due entirely to the shape of the object. Developed using a hard, heavy metal, it stood approximately 3.7 meters tall (12 ft) but perhaps as much as 4.6 meters (15 ft). It had a 2.7 meter (9 ft) diameter at its widest point.

    Production of the Bell was alleged to have been inside a facility known as Der Riese or The Giant close to the Czech border. Not far from the Wenceslaus mine is a curious-looking construction dubbed The Henge. It is a concrete frame that may have been constructed specifically for testing the anti-gravity capabilities of the machine. Others dismiss this outright and believe that it was a support for a long-forgotten cooling tower.

    It is pretty well established that the Nazis had a fascination with the occult and extra-terrestrial technology. The fact that they were so far ahead has made many researchers ponder if they might have had such access. There are certainly many top secret Nazi programs greatly ahead of their time.

    There is even a possible connection between one of the most secretive Nazi projects, and a mysterious UFO crash in an otherwise sleepy town in the United States some two decades later? The Kecksburg UFO crash is officially “nothing” according to investigations, despite a wealth of witnesses. 

    It was largely lost to time, until the release of a book on a secret Nazi project in 2000. Based on leaked Nazi documents from the Second World War, a link with Die Glocke and Kecksburg came to light. Die Glocke – or The Nazi Bell – appeared to be one of the Third Reich’s most ambitious projects. Before we look at the Nazi Bell, however, we’ll first look at the events on a winter’s evening in Pennsylvania.


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