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    Death Ray

    Death Ray

    The star war concept begun in ancient time when the Greek army positioned a giant parabolic mirror on the mountain's cliff during the siege of Syracuse (Sicily) circa 212 BC at the dawn of Roman military expedition. Archimedes, was a genius Greek mathematician who helped the Greek army in setting up the huge mirror to set afire the Roman warships, anchored below the range. In early 1920s this science concept again was revived by Nikola Tesla in his secret project that aiming to develop "death-ray" which is now then my favorite pseudo-science. 

    Definition: A Death-ray is a particle beam or sort of electromagnetic laser energy that pulsing some powerful radioactive waves (microwaves) enough to incinerate anything in its arc of direction. This special phenomena have multiple applications and usages in modern armed forces for military strategies that usher hostility and intentions to damage or destroy adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel. Today, we are now witnessing that those mere theories and legends echoed throughout the ages have shaped many sci-fictions in hollywood,and now it has turned this dream of "Star War" into practical reality. 

    How laser beam works? 
    Naturally, quanta that we called "beam energy" has many functions such as providing our planet Earth with enough sunlight to enable us seeing things around us and heat energy to warm our bodies during cold seasons. This special wave energy "light" consists a mixture of different wavelength and particles known as (photons). There are multiple colors "all-in-one colorless color". The light energy also contains some various energy fronts (frequencies) that can be separated into small scalable segments that we called electromagnetic spectrum, the rainbow is a good example where we can find long waves in a red color, and short waves in blue color. These two major waves have made up large potion in a particle beam which also contain other different energy particles that have unique propagation and distinct heat intensities. The wave energy in light spectrum lined up in sequences according to their frequencies where you could possibly find at the tops (peaks) are the waves with same magnitude that coincide to each other and same applied too at the base of electromagnetic spectrum.

    Experimental demonstration: Particle beams can be concentrated into a tiny point known as (focus), to generate tremendous energy that can jamming electronic devices,disrupt communication networks,and amplified to burn materials or even kill a human being when such very powerful heat intensity magnified and directed to a person. To understand this scenario more better let us take magnifying classes as a good example as it indicated in a picture. I do understand that many of you have done this at school in physics' topic that analyzing the particle beam of light reflection and refraction. Basically, this is how the light from the sun can be possible directed to melt an ice cube or set afire on a cigarette that made from a rough paper like an example in this picture. The magnifying classes you see is the most important asset that converts the light waves into focal microwave energy to produce tremendous heat to burn up things. Remember,' this is just a small scale! The Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) is a large scale scenario that produce same heat, but in a large amount enough to turn a metal into a vapor just in a second! In some industrial factories particle beams (flames) are employed as metal cutters to percolate through steels and hard rocks. The beam energy it also used to cut diamond, the most hardest substance known to man. So, particle beam energy if incorporated into a weapon system can direct powerful energy that far more stronger to incinerates armored vehicles and burn infrastructures, include military fortified bases and bastions from afar distance.

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