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    President Hage Geinkob Is Targeted By Hoaxes.

    President Hage Geinkob is in the web of fake news that alleging him "dead from food poisoning.  
    The fake news once again has circulated by anti-Harambee's government and their collaborators. The main aim is to perpetrating some obfuscation that could further perhaps induce weakness surrounding President Hage Geingob's life and the security/safety of his family. According to the source Glonews360.com where these fake news fabricated and generated yesterday 21 March 2018, just soon after the celebration of 28th Namibia's Anniversary in Tsumeb, where the President was addressing the nations. The diabolical news purported that Namibian President is dead at the age of 75 from food poisoning. 

    The elements behind this death hoax, they could be the same outfits that populated unfounded story about the First Lady Monica Geingos that she died last year and now again created another political conspiracy against her husband. What these people really trying to achieve, by doing this kind of satanism?   The delusional people who producing these rumors are in Namibia, deploying fake accounts sometimes to appear as legitimate sources on the websites from countries like US and Canada, where they orchestrate unfounded stories so-called "Break News" of which they re-bounding them back to Namibia through social media like Whatsapp groups, Facebook and Twitter handles example here Anouschka (@Anouschka34) who first twitted the fake news about President's death on Twitter at about 9:45 PM on 21 March 2018. 

    The website of fake news published that "The President of the Republic of Namibia, Hage Geingob who acted as the head of state and the head of government of Namibia, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Namibia Defence Force, according to the Constitution of Namibia is reported dead last night. It appeared that late President Hage Geingob was said to have died after complaining of stomach pain, a situation medical experts describe as food poisoning. According to Dr Richard Morocky, President Hage Geingob now late was rushed to the Roman Catholic Hospital, in Windhoek in a very critical condition. “Team of doctors including myself worked tirelessly to control the situation but all frantic efforts put up proved futile." -Dr Morocky said.

    The fact remains that there is no truth to the above evil-wishing story. The first time when we saw the article on the internet yesterday, some people have almost fainted when reading the headline, but I have detected that this was a mere demonizing ploy to cast bad wish over President Hage. For one thing, there is no legitimate news coverage about Geinkob has died. Additionally, the story is filled with bad spelling and grammar mistakes. Lastly, the President Geingob also sent out a tweet on the same time when the sad news was firstly announced; he stated that: "After the good rains at his farm Hadaloha, and working the final details of my Independence Day speech, I spent the last half of the afternoon inspecting my harvest. Food security is a crucial aspect of eradicating poverty. 

    Agriculture has the potential to transform our". In the previous conjuration made by the same network of hoaxes (USA News), where they reported that Monica Geingos was rushed to hospital after she suffered undisclosed sickness and she passed on three hours later while she was being hospitalised. Many people in Namibia were almost believed to such shocking news. The internet and chat group was full of people expressing the message of condolence, of which later the so-called confirmed report from state house appeared to be fake.

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