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    Russian Warned An Apocalyptic Wars

    Russia warned all out-wars if US military strike Syrian government 

    US strike on Syria will result Kremlin to respond more decisive to blast any incoming US rockets out of the sky and targeting the launching platforms; this could lead into all-out wars. UN-Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said that Russia "cannot exclude any possibilities of nuclear war" Vladimir Putin’s military have the capacity to shoot down American missiles in Syrian sky. Russia has previously announced it is developing a next-generation missile defence network, details of which have been kept largely under wraps.

    The updated weapons, which include the S-300, S-400 are ready for use. The latest versions of the smaller S-300 missiles may be able to intercept cruise missiles like it did when it downing two Israeli's F-22 early this year over Syrian Airspace. The mid-sized S-400 models are designed to shoot down enemy aircraft, and US military officials have expressed concern about Russian advanced military technology that can able to track and target the Air Force’s latest stealth jets, including the fearsome F-22 and F-35.  Russian media Tass has reported S-500 system will revolutionise the modern warfare. Russian military officials said in April last year they would take delivery of the “first samples” of the new weapon “soon”. The S-500 system is designed to blow incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs out of the sky and destroy their nuclear payloads long before they hit their targets.

    The scheme war games that alleging Syrian President Bashar al-Assad forces use chemical weapons against rebel fighters and civilians this is another good ploy additional to spying agent poisoning story, which exploded the diplomatic relationship between UK and Russia.

    Theresa May had ordered British submarines within range of Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian forces as the Prime Minister moves ever-closer to military intervention, following the alleged chemical attack in Douma in Syria last week. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “These are young men who do not even know what fate they are preparing for Syria or what fate Theresa May prepares for them. “She may apologise for it later. But they have to live with it.” Mrs May recalled the ministers for an urgent Cabinet meeting at 3.30pm Friday to discuss Britain's response to what she has cast as a barbaric attack that cannot go unchallenged, this following Donald Trump tweets. Dvorkovich said that international relations should not depend on the mood of one person when he wakes up in the morning, in reference to US President Donald Trump's tweets, RIA news agency reported on Friday. Vladimir Putin's government said a "deconfliction" telephone line has been set up between Moscow and the US to communicate.

    The Kremlin said it is very important to avoid steps that could threaten to raise tensions in war-ravaged Syria. Earlier General Barrons told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Well, I hope the ambassador's chosen his words very carefully. "What he's actually saying is, if the US and allies decide to strike against Syrian chemical weapons and delivery aircraft, not only are they going to try and shoot down the missiles in flight, which they are capable of doing but won't be with total success, but by saying the words 'launch platforms', he's saying they are going to try and sink ships, sink submarines and shoot aircraft out of the sky - that's war." Mrs May has held telephone conversations with US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron and they agreed the international community "needed to respond” to "uphold the worldwide prohibition on the use of chemical weapons”.

    If World War 3 starts the battle lines will be drawn between East and West and the war will be catasphopic. Russia reportedly deployed four Tu-95MS ‘Bear’ and Tu-160M ‘Blackjack’ strategic bombers as well as an unspecified number from the Engels Air Base in Southern Russia. Their final destination is unknown although they may be bound for Syria or theHamedan Air Base in Western Iran.

    "God forbid anything adventurous that will be done in Syria following the Libyan and Iraqi experience," Lavrov told a news conference on Friday.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said even the smallest miscalculation in Syria could lead to new waves of migrants and that ultimatums and threats do not help the dialogue. Russia has said that it has “irrefutable evidence” that foreign actors staged the recent alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma which killed at least 70. Meanwhile two US officials said the initial indications that a mix of weaponised chlorine gas and sarin were used in the attack appeared to be correct. Although, US intelligence agencies have not completed their assessment or reached a final conclusion.

    Lavrov said in a press conference on Friday: “We have irrefutable evidence that this was yet another performance and that security services of a country which is trying to be in the frontlines of the Russophobic campaign were involved in this performance.”

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