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    Prince William to visit Africa-Namibia

    Prince William and Mr Hage after Commonwealth Summit discuss Namibia' tourism 
    Prince William to visit Africa to promote fight against illegal wildlife trade. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William will visit Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th September, reports said on Tuesday.

    The Duke of Cambridge always has a high appreciation toward Africa, the continent that fully of natural beauty but engulfed by problems include illegal approaching.  Prince William is set to return for a tour to Africa starting with Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania later this month, he disclosed his private working trip to the Royal African Society where he is a patron. He will continue his tireless mission to help end the poaching of endangered species.  Duke, will also visit 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards, the Battlegroup that training in Kenya, him as a Colonel in Irish Guards, will inspect the military activities. This was announced in the statement on Tuesday from Kensington Palace.

    William, while in Africa will inspect British and Kenyan troops to learn how two nations working together to improve performance on operations. He will visit Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia where he will learn how Sub-Saharan Africa combat the illegal wildlife trade (poaching). In Namibia, the Duke will meet Vice President Nangolo Mbumba and then attend an event to celebrate UK-Namibia bilateral relations.

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