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    Ukrainian Intelligence Agencies Recruit ISIS Members

           The detention of Basayev's bandits that assault on Budyonnovsk: Photo source TASS
    Ukrainian intelligence agencies have been actively assisting members of the Islamic State terror group in planning terror attacks on Russian soil.  They also took part in the killings of Donbass leaders, as according to the Federal Security Service (FSB) sources.

    Media learned that the information provided by the detained person [an IS militant detained for being involved in planning the murder of one of the DPR leaders], in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian country’s intelligence agencies have providing terror networks with funds, weapons and explosives for carrying out terrorist attacks a head the Russian World Cup 2018, but all plans were thwarted and the suspects arrested.  
    Ukrainian intelligence agencies have also been recruiting Islamic State members to eliminate militia leaders in the self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics-FSB.
    The FSB press service noted that Russian citizen Medzhid Magomedov, born in 1988, had been detained in the country’s western Smolensk region on 09 September 2018. He is believed to be a member of the Islamic State terror group whom the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and the Pravy Sektor (or Right Sector) nationalist organization had instructed them to stage a murder of one of the DPR leaders. The  FSB source said that Magomedov arrived in Ukraine to discuss the supply of resources to clandestine groups of active IS elements in the North Caucasus. They introduced him to SBU officers and Pravy Sektor members. "Ukrainian intelligence agents later instructed Magomedov to kill the commander of one of the DPR Armed Forces’ units residing in the Smolensk region.

    Magomedov’s sponsors provide him with the intended victim’s address and the means to carry out the crime, but was detained upon his arrival in the Smolensk region and the crime was prevented. The materials that he was carrying like explosive device that has approximately as much 1.5 kilograms of TNT was seized from him, as well as a gun with a silencer and ammunition. A criminal case has been launched against the detained person, an investigation is underway. 

    The SBU dismissed as fake the FSB’s report about its cooperation with the Islamic State group. "That’s another fake news by Russia’s FSB, it’s just laughable to comment about this," an SBU representative told the UNN news agency on Monday.

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