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    A Dramatic Event At Hosea International Airport Almost Turned Disastrous On Sunday

    Airbus A319-112 V5-ANM and Namibian Airports Company services at the Runway.
     Airport was the scene of high drama when strong winds sent a runaway train of luggage trolleys hurtling towards a stationary plane at high speed - and the dramatic incident was caught on video. Namibia Airport narrowly avoided a serious accident when a train of four luggage trolleys was sent flying at high speed towards a stationary plane. A viral video of the dramatic incident shows airport workers at Hosea Kutako International Airport desperately trying to run after the trolleys and stop them crashing into the aircraft. The train’s material covers can be seen flapping in the strong winds as the official attempts to push against the first trolley.

    A dramatic video shows runway crash is narrowly avoided in heart-stopping video
    But the strength of the high winds proves too strong and the trolleys continue to hurtle down the runway, despite the worker’s brave attempts. Three other airport workers then madly dash towards their colleague to help as the train nears the stationary plane. A car also zooms forwards, apparently with the aim of obstructing the path of the runaway trolleys. Meanwhile, the plane’s pilots appear to realize the impending danger and begin to taxi away. However, the driver of the car appears to take no action during all of this and the trolleys simply whip past as the vehicle comes to a halt. The airport workers continue to run after the train but the trolleys appear to come to a stop. The final scene of the drama is unfortunately not captured in the video. Local media, The Namibian reported: “Strong winds at the Hosea Kutako International Airport triggered a spectacle in which four officials chased after a train of four runaway luggage trolleys which were heading towards a stationary plane at full speed.”

    A Namibian Airports Company (NAC) spokesperson, Dan Kamati, confirmed the incident occurred on Sunday. "No injuries or damage to persons or property was reported and investigations continue,” he told the daily newspaper. According to a Facebook post of the video by The Namibian, authorities “are trying to establish whether the Air Namibia plane was parked, or planning to take off, and whether the plane had just landed, or if it had moved to avoid a collision with the trolleys.” Kamati did not reveal what had caused the trolleys to be let loose but said it would be investigated.

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