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    Tunisian Pan Africanist Aya Chebbi Appointed As AU Youth Envoy

     Aya Chebbi is a Tunisian Pan African activist that radicalize African youth for Agenda 2063.
    Tunisian activist, Aya Chebbi was on Thursday appointed the first ever African Union (AU) Youth Envoy, a position created to mobilize young people across the continent towards the pursuit of Agenda 2063.

    Aya Chabbi
    Tunisian Pan African Feminist and activist Aya Chebbi.
    Aya Chebbi, she is a 31 years old an award-winning Pan-African feminist with a radical note and her mission is to bridge Northern Africa (Maghreb) with Southern Sahara. She is the first African Union Youth Envoy to the African Union Commission and the youngest in the Chairperson’s Cabinet. She is the founder of multiple platforms such as the Youth Programme of Holistic Empowerment Mentoring (Y-PHEM) coaching the next generation to be agents for positive change. Chebbi, a Pan-African feminist from Tunisia, who shot to global fame as a blogger during the 2010 Arab Spring in her country, will work with a Youth Advisory Council comprised of members from across the continent. ‘‘She will advocate, and raise awareness on, the implementation of the Demographic Dividend Roadmap,’‘ reads part of the AU statement on her appointment.

    The African Union Demographic Dividend Roadmap is a continental policy which carving for investment in Africa and supports the young people in the areas of employment and entrepreneurship, education and skills development, health and wellbeing, and rights, governance and youth empowerment. There is a common sentiment that Africa is not creating enough jobs opportunities for the young generations, which led so many African graduates flocking to Western countries even by risking themselves on boat journey through Mediterranean sea, where may have perished. The AU statement adds that Chebbi will be advised by the Youth Advisory Council that has members hailed from Tanzania, Benin, Republic of Congo, South Africa, Mauritania, Uganda, Senegal, Chad, Namibia and Mozambique, and others.

    About Aya Chebbi:  Chebbi holds a degree in International Relations from the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis and a Master’s degree in African Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, where she was a Mo Ibrahim ScholarChebbi has crisscrossed the African continent speaking about the youth-led peaceful political revolutions that started in her country, she has supported, trained and worked with thousands of social movement leaders, feminist groups, and youth activists on mobilization, leadership, and non-violence. 

    Aya previously worked at the refugee camps during Libya’s war, at Bureau de Cooperation Tunisie-Denmark of the Danish Foreign Affairs Ministry on bilateral cooperation in Tunis. She also monitored the 2012 Egyptian Presidential Elections, in Tanta.  She has been widely speaking about social movements worldwide for conferences and rallies in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa among others.

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