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    Interstellar: Celestial Civilization & Space Colonization

    Mars will offer large escapement for human settlement in case things turn badly on Earth.
    The Earth is just cradle for mankind and shall not be a destiny to our genus forever. We are Earthlings, but we always have a hope that the seed of homo sapiens will evolve further, and shall be able to procreates throughout the vastness of the Universe. We have hope that our children's children in future could live to see the beautiful of martian dawn and break from the Earth's bondage to explore another world, the interstellar community that will yet to be born will realize the fullest potential as human beings, the most intelligent creatures in the vastness of the creation. 

    Why humans must find another dwelling place? 

    There are so many terrestrial threats glaring on our faces such as wars, pandemics, ecosystem collapses (climatic catastrophes) and resources depletion are the signs that we have prolonged living in a small natural cluster that we called EARTH so small for 8 billion people to stay. The world is engulfed by endless unfair global competitions for economic survival, thus this survival instincts prompted humans into political crashes over available limited resources that oftentimes creates wars and perpetual instability on Earth. Human beings must remember that this clear testimony that we are becomingly overcrowded at the tiniest corner of a larger Universe.

    Therefore human beings if could survival up to 6 decades to come, they should better begin to move away from their natural candle ''Earth'', there would be no best time to begin rather than now. Our ancestors have already shown us how they paved the way for migration from central Africa to other various parts of the planet such as Asia, Europe, America and so forth. So, there is no logical reason to differentiate ancient migration across planet Earth's habitats, from the migration across the solar systems or galaxies.

    The envisage projects of setting up Free-Floating-Closed Habitats (FFCH) that will act as a blueprint for space colonies is an insurance for saving/rescuing homo sapiens from any possible Earth's cataclysm. The construction of space habitats and start migration on those artificial platforms as alternative settlements for humans instead of living on mother Earth where we depend biologically, materially, culturally and politically as independent populations. 

    Human migration to the celestial world must be carefully planned in a proactive manner, rather than hastily be a reactive moment, whenever the catastrophic emergencies have hit our blue planet. There are many issues of concerns like asteroid-earth impacts, solar flare and other destructive force of nature that may raise on planet Earth. Human communities must prepare to go deeper into space and proclaim the settlements which is more habitable, human's gene needs a primary adaptation and acclimatization. Time for space colonialism is now! 

    Celestial settlements

    It recommended that not all people will go at once, since the dependency for earth supply will not ceased. Those who will go first and bear offspring unto the martian land, those children will start seeing themselves as new species of both celestial and terrestrial communities. The celestial offspring will slowly diverge from earthlings' dogmas and beliefs that trapped human being into bondage of infernal. The celestial community will develop their own independent distinctive features, physically, biologically (phenotype) and culturally or religiously would be differ to that of human beings. 

    The adaptive evolution process the article alluded here should be well understood in terms of a natural selection and ecological adaptions with example the people living in Arctic region, the (Eskimo) people who fully incline to that cold climates and weathers than anyone else because their phenotype and genotypes have adapted to such an harsh environment.  Humanity has evolved consciously, physically and technically, the world still continuous expanding outward finding new places and people discovering new ways of living. Nature too allows living organisms to adapt to an environment they first find themselves in. 

    Conclusion: Mars will offer large escapement for human colonization, in case things turn badly on Earth.  Although, the Mars is not an endpoint for human space colonialism, not even the farthest galaxy ''Andromeda'' which lays outside our solar system, humans will set foot on and settle it.

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