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    Raymond Kwaku The Strongest Army Man In Africa

              Ghanaian soldier, Raymond Kwaku officially declared the strongest army man in Africa.
    Meet the Ghanaian Military Police officer who’s the strongest soldier in Africa. It is obvious that actors and male musicians are seen as people who have got all the fans behind them. But there are many men who don’t have a fan base but they are really causing a stir on social media with respect to the kind of work they do.

    Such people include a well-built Ghanaian soldier identified as strong Sgt.Raymond Kwaku. Kwaku has become an internet sensation after displaying his well-built body in his uniform, holding a gun, walking and doing all military things. This military personnel has been causing a stir in the social media space with his unique way of fashion, wearing the military uniform with pride and most importantly his physique.

            Raymond Kwaku greeting female police officer on duty.Photograph: Instagram - Insta Stalker.
    Ordinarily, military men are known to ‘shy’ away from the public as it is their duty to protect people, properties, maintaining peace, and ensuring people observe the right codes of conduct in the country. With Raymond, it seems to be an entirely different thing altogether. 
    He is at par in the ‘slaying king’ as compared to the slay queens and what we see the male celebrities such actors and artists do on InstagramRaymond is a slaying king in the military field and he likes to show it off. And we have a few more pictures of him. Please see the local main page here!

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