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    Woman Arrested in UK For Turning A White Man Into Dog

    A Nigerian woman questioned by the police in the UK for turning a white man, her love into a pet.
    Police in the United Kingdom has reportedly nabbed a Nigerian woman for allegedly turning a white old man believed to be her lover into a pet. In a video sighted by BrownGH.com, the old man in question was tied with a rope around his neck and crawling behind the woman like a dog while he was also holding a small bag believed to belong to the Nigerian woman. Reports say the woman earlier was seen in the streets of the UK pulling the old man by the rope as he crawled behind her without complaining.

    The Police on seeing the diabolic act was compelled to arrest the yet-to-be-identified woman as they approached her for questioning. The video has garnered several reactions with the majority suspecting that the woman has used ‘juju’ or cast a spell on the white old man in order to make him lose his sense of self-relevance. Some reports also indicate that the Nigerian woman is on a revenge mission.

    Watch the Video below:

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