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    Namibian Student From University Of Johannesburg Hi-Jacked.

    A first-year Namibian student studying Ophthalmology at the University of Johannesburg robbed.
    A 19-year-old student from Namibia is shaken but determined to continue her studies after being shot at and dragged by the hair while being hijacked in Randburg, Johannesburg. The young woman was on her way to visit family friends when she was ambushed at the gates of a security complex at the weekend. The Namibian student has been in South Africa since January.

    Ester van Rensburg, the family friend who was being visited, said the student is studying Ophthalmology in Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Johannesburg. Van Rensburg said the driver stopped at security gates at the entrance to a residential complex about 4pm on Saturday. "There have been many burglaries in the past in our complex, so we put up a huge security gate and cameras at our entrance." "In the footage, you can see she pulls into the gate and reaches for her phone to phone us to open the gate for her," said Van Rensburg.

    Her husband went out to see if their visitor had arrived but returned to say she had not. Van Rensburg said the alleged hijackers drove into the back of the woman's car with a white BMW X3. "It made a hell of a noise and she saw the guys jumping out and thought they wanted to come and say sorry. Her doors were locked. They tried and wanted her to open the door and she didn't want to. "She started screaming in the car." Van Rensburg said a person about to exit the complex saw what was happening. "He started shooting and she also started hooting the car. The neighbours came running but then the guy shot through her window. Fortunately, she wasn't harmed only fled with the car after she was dragged out of her Volkswagen Polo by the hair and the hijackers speed off. "All the neighbours responded immediately and tracking the vehicles.

    We could see the registration number on the footage and that is when we alerted everyone. Van Rensburg said her car was found within 40 minutes. Which is good!  "It is just her phone that was missing, but fortunately her laptop with all her assignments and student stuff and purse were in the boot and they didn't take that.
    At first, the young lady refuses to open the car door and after several moments one of the hijackers is seen shooting through the window, shattering it. He then opens the door and pulls out the young woman by her hair.
    "She was actually okay on Saturday but last night [Sunday] was very bad for her, but she got a lot of support now and we are organising counselling for her. The Van Rensburg family had since taken the student in. "She is a strong girl and I took her to university because she wanted to go. She said she is writing a test tomorrow [Tuesday]." Her mother is expected to land in the country on Thursday. Police did not immediately comment about such an incident. The perpetrators are still on the run. But, stupidity the thugs know no limits. They committed a hijacking under the cameras next to the security complex entrance. It is just a matter of time when they will be caught.
    Thuli Phakathi commented: She’s so petrified, she will never recover from this. SOUTH AFRICA! Lorraine Teixeira added: "Problem is, they allowed to get away with it! There is no punishment in this country. Prince Khumalo wrote: "Absolute sickening disgusting behaviour, that young lady's life will never be the same again.
    South Africa crime rate and violence target vulnerable people has increased literally.  Recent shootings have dominated headlines in that country. From the xenophobic attacks, rampage shootings, car hijacking attempts to apparent hit assassinations.

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