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    Chinese Spy Defects To Australia

    Wang 'William' Liqiang blow up cover and defects to Australia and reveals top secret intelligence missions.
    BEIJING -A Chinese deep cover spy has defected to Australia and is already spilling sensitive information about the secretive state's global operations, say reports.  Wang 'William' Liqiang is said to have given up details about Beijing's undercover missions in Hong Kong and Taiwan after saying he was "personally involved" in espionage work.

    If his background story stands up, he would be the first Chinese intelligence operative ever to blow his cover. He has even reportedly revealed the identities of China’s senior military intelligence officers currently working in the former British colony. It's been claimed he has also given top secret details of how his country's secret service fund and conduct political interference operations across the world.

    Wang Liqiang has reportedly revealed the secret operations 'he was involved in'Credit: 60 Minutes Australia

    Wang is now "hiding out" with his wife and infant son in Sydney over fears he will be killed if he ever returns home. His identity and allegations officially remain unconfirmed but he has already given interviews to TV journalists down under. The Australian government revealed his case is "now in the hands of the appropriate law enforcement agencies"adding the claims are "very disturbing". A sworn 17-page statement he provided to Australia's counter-epsionage agency ASIO states: “I have personally been involved and participated in a series of espionage activities”.

    Wang said the Chinese Communist Party under President Xi Jinping “infiltrates all countries in areas such as military, business and culture, in order to achieve its goal.” “You shouldn’t underestimate our organisation ... We were cultivated and trained by the organisation for many years before taking up important positions," he said. The Chinese Communist Party “wants to ensure no one threatens its authority” he added. He has also given previously unheard details about the kidnapping of five booksellers from Hong Kong and their rendition to the Chinese mainland.

    The incident has been a reference point for protesters during the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong. He also claimed he was part of an investment firm that was a front for the Chinese government to conduct political and economic espionage in Hong Kong. Their work included infiltrating universities and directing harassment and cyber attacks against dissidents. His testimony seems to show how Beijing’s spies are infiltrating Hong Kong’s democracy movement, manipulating Taiwan’s elections and operating secretly in Australia.

    ASIO has warned that the current threat of foreign interference is “unprecedented” and the number of foreign spies operating in Oz is higher than it was during the Cold War. Wang's full television interview will be broadcast Sunday night on the '60 Minutes' programme. China/s Foreign Ministry did not respond on  Saturday to requests for comment on Wang's claims.

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