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    Gita: Grocery-Carrying Robot

    Imagine exploring sidewalks, parks, and squares, with your hands-free to work or play. Gita doesn’t just make life easier. It makes life more fun.  Gita is a super-intelligent robot the world’s smartest carrier. It follows you wherever you go. Give Gita is versatile for all your immediate loads and shopping groceries. Gita is ready to haul your gear, yoga mat or whatever moves you make, Gita will move right along with you.

    The novelty was developed by the Italian company Piaggio Fast Forward, with the help of the American laboratory of innovative projects. The 2-wheel self-balancing cargo robot Gita is equipped with a cargo compartment of 18 kg (the mass of the device itself is 23 kg ) and is intended for the transportation of oversized luggage - products, electronics, children's toys, as well as toys for pets.

    At the same time, the device is non-autonomous and does not know how to navigate independently in the environment - it simply follows the owner walking ahead at a speed of up to 10 km / h, navigating in space with the help of a modest set of visual sensors (providing, however, according to the developers, sufficient review so as not to lose sight of the owner). The mechanized porter is already on the market, with a price of $ 3250.

    According to the authors, the spherical robot loader is designed for use in urban environments. It works best on hard surfaces such as sidewalks and bike paths. Gita may become stuck in sand, snow or mud. A robotic carrier cannot climb stairs, but if the entrance to the building is equipped with a ramp, it can follow the owner and indoors. The maximum angle of inclination that he can overcome does not exceed 16%. Inside Gita, there is a special port for a smartphone that allows you to charge your mobile device on the go.

    Upon reaching the destination, the robotic truck can be put into a stable parking mode. The unit “communicates” with the owner through audio and visual signals. To tell the device “follow me”, just press the button on the case, standing in front of it. The accompanying mobile application, connected to the robot via Bluetooth, allows Gita owners to lock and unlock the luggage compartment, check the battery level, and play audio content through the speakers of the robotic carrier. The battery of the device lasts for about 4 hours. It takes about 120 minutes to fully charge. Robo-Chemodan will be available in three colors - red, gray and blue.

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