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    Мi-28NE "Night Hunter" Attack Helicopter

    Mi-28 Night Hunter, known as Havoc is a Russian attack helicopter analogous to the US Apache. The Night Hunter is a modern attack helicopter designed to carry out search and destroy operations against tanks, armored and un-armored vehicles, and enemy personnel in combat, as well as low-speed airborne targets. It can operate night and day, and in adverse weather conditions. It can operate night and day, and in adverse weather conditions. The Mi-28N “Night Hunter” has been officially accepted into service with the Russian Ministry of Defence. The combat helicopter meets the latest international standards for combat attack helicopters, and Mi-28NE is its export version. The Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” is designed for the following missions:
    • Providing fire support for forward ground forces
    • Acting as part of the anti-tank reserve
    • Accompanying and supporting tactical airborne assault and airborne assault force units
    • Combating enemy tactical airborne assault forces 
    • Combating low-speed, low-altitude airborne targets
    The main targets for the Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” are: 
    • Tanks, self-propelled artillery, and military anti-air defence units
    • Armoured infantry vehicles, APCs, and vehicles
    • Individual weapons (launchers), field and nuclear artillery batteries
    • Light military equipment (individual targets) 
    • Enemy personnel
    • Helicopters and low-altitude, low-speed airborne planes
    On-board equipment supports:
    • Flight and navigation in favourable and adverse weather conditions at low and extremely low altitudes with overflight and automated obstacle warning systems
    • Firepower use day and night in favourable and adverse weather conditions, when the targets are identifiable visually and by using technical means
    • Effective communications equipment.
    Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” helicopters boast advanced flight capabilities and can execute aerobatic manoeuvres. The renowned Berkuty (Golden Eagles) flight display team have operated the new Mi-28N “Night Hunter” since 2012. Russian Helicopters is engaged in ongoing work to advance and improve the flight capabilities of the Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” helicopter. A special Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” helicopter model was developed for pilot training, boasting a dual control system for use training Mi-28NE pilots while retaining the helicopter’s full attack capabilities.

    According to official Russian military-linked sources quoted via the TASS news agency, six countries from the Middle East, the CSTO alliance and Southeast Asia have placed requests to buy the Mi-28NE attack helicopter since 2015. The Mi-28NE is the Russian export version of the Russian-exclusive Mi-28N attack helicopter, which has come into the spotlight of international military sales because of its extensive and well-recorded successful service in the Syrian conflict. 

    The Mi-28 design in general is the Russian equivalent of the US-made AH-64 Apache gunship – a dedicated attack helicopter for the sole purpose of hunting tactical targets at the front-line. The ‘N’ variant of the is specialized for night operations in addition to having a more modern counter-measures suite – it aligns in equal capability with the ‘E’ model of the American AH-64. Just like the AH-64, the Mi-28 can be equipped with a range of offensive weaponry including a built-in 30-mm cannon as well as rockets and guided anti-tank missiles in any chosen configuration. 

    The Mi-28 also comes with the ability to fire guided anti-aircraft missiles in order to neutralize low-flying enemy aircraft near the front-line which is most likely to be in the form of opposing helicopter forces. Unlike the more numerous Mi-24 gunship which is the staple attack helicopter and troop-carrying gunship for standard army units, the Mi-28 is generally reserved for providing fire support (and fire support alone) for special forces units conducting infiltration operations.

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