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    U.S' Space Force Unveils New Uniform

    President Trump unveiled new flag for US Space Command during a ceremony for SPACE COMMAND Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
    The new US Space Force has shown off its utility uniform, and it's bound to look familiar. Technically, the nation's freshest military branch revealed its new name tapes, which attach to the uniform. "U.S. Space Force" can be read in blue embroidery, a Twitter entry posted Friday shows. The larger point is that the name tapes are going on the same kind of camouflage uniforms already in use by the Army and Air Force. The United States Space Force is the space operations service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and is one of the eight U.S. uniformed services. In reality, the US Space Command isn’t actually new. The military once had a Space Command, established back in 1985 after there was a push to focus on space warfighting.

    The United States Space Force Twitter account confirmed that the new uniforms have "touched down in the Pentagon." Twitter/@SpaceForceDoD
    "USSF is utilizing current Army/Air Force uniforms, saving costs of designing/producing a new one," the branch posted in a follow-up tweet. Plenty of Twitter users responded with wisecracks asking about a space-focused service using camouflage. "Camo in space?" one said. "More wasted tax dollars. Great job!" Others thought more creativity or inspiration was called for, like maybe something inspired by Starfleet.

    The Space Force's Twitter manager noted these, and pointed out that not only was the branch trying to be cost-effective, but members also aren't exactly in space, yet. "Members will look like the joint counterparts who 'll be working with, on the ground," the branch tweeted. President Donald Trump created the newest military branch on December 20. Some active duty airmen currently in the Air Force's already-existing Space Force Command will be assigned to the new branch but will remain in the Air Force for the time being, officials have said.

    Some 5,000 to 6,000 personnel out of the current 16,000 will eventually be transferred to the Space Force, a senior US Air Force official said last year. The branch gave no public word about a dress uniform Friday.

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