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    Chinese University Recognized Professor Charles Lieber With Award

    Dr. Charles Lieber handshakes with Yang Hui.
    On the afternoon of April 22 , at the invitation of Researcher Chen Liwei, Deputy Director of the Institute of Nanotechnology and Nanobionics in Suzhou, Professor Charles M. Lieber , a well-known international top nano scientist , visited the Institute of Nanotechnology and visited the 67th Lakeside Forum. The topic " Nanoelectronics Meets Biology " explained the world's leading scientific and technological progress in the field of nanoelectronics and biology.

    More than 300 experts, scholars and students in the nanometer field from the region listened to the report.Researcher Yang Hui, the director of Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology, presided over the report and issued a " Special Scientific Advisor " letter of appointment to Professor Lieber .

    Professor Lieber is an internationally renowned top nanoscientist, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a former head of the Department of Chemistry at Harvard University, and a chair professor of Mark Hyman . His research focuses on the synthesis of nanomaterials, the realization of nanoeffects in nanodevices, and the revolutionary applications of nanomaterials and devices in nanoelectronics, renewable energy technologies, and biotechnology.

    During the lecture, Professor Lieber shared his latest research progress: using core / shell Ge / Si nanowires to build nanologic and NAND gate circuits, a step forward in the development of 3D nanoprocessors; constructing P / The PIN core-shell structure Si nanowire solar cell achieves high photoelectric conversion efficiency; nanoelectronic devices are applied in the biological field, nanoprobes are used to detect the electrical and biochemical signals inside the cells, and seamless integration of nanoelectronic devices and Synthetic biological tissue.

    On the same day, Professor Lieber visited the Nano Technology Park and was interviewed by reporters. He said that in recent years, the development of nanotechnology in Suzhou and even China has been remarkable. With a good research platform and excellent talents, it is expected to achieve no less than the achievements of nanotech powers such as Europe, America and Japan.

    Lieber Professor of international scholars is universally recognized as one of the pioneers of the field of nanotechnology, has made a series of contributions in the field of nano-science and technology, published in peer-reviewed journals 300 over papers, which in Nature, Science Magazine, 4 million indexes, 40 more cited articles are published papers.  Professor to Lieber iS the Editor-CO.'s of the Nano Lett, AN Internationally Renowned TECHNOLOGY. He also serves as the editor and editor of several internationally renowned scientific journals.

    Since the original work in the field of nanotechnology, Lieber Professor of Science and Technology has received numerous awards, including: 2013 American Chemical Society Willard Gibbs Award, 2012 in Wolf (Wolf) Prize in Chemistry, 2009 and in 2008 in the United States were selected chemical materials Research Society and the inaugural Fellow, 2008 winner of the American Institutes of health pioneer Award, 2008 in CAS Albert Einstein Award, the 2005 annual global nanotechnology 50 scientific and technological progress awards, the 2004World technology Award for materials, 2003 US Physics Society McGroddy Award, 2001 Nanotechnology Feynman Award, etc.

    Professor Lieber has a deep love for China and has trained a large number of internationally renowned Chinese scholars (the number of direct supervisors is more than 25 ). They are all active in the frontiers of international nanotechnology research, such as Professor Yang Peidong of the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Liu Jie of Duke University, and Dai Hongjie and Cui Yi of Stanford University.

    In recognition lieber professors support and contribution to Chinese nanotechnology, the State Council in 2009 awarded the Lieber Professor " People's Republic of China Friendship Award " , which is the highest honor the Chinese government to contribute to the outstanding foreign experts give.

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