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    Gen. Charles Q.Brown, Jr. Received Nomination For Air Force Chief Of Staff

    Brown would become the first African-American Pentagon leader since Army Gen. Colin Powell retired in 1993 and would succeed Gen. David Goldfein,
    US' four-star general nominated to become the first-ever African American chief of the Air Force
    • Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. received nomination for Air Force chief of staff from the White House on Monday
    • Brown, 58, would become first African-American in that position and the first African-American to serve as leader of any military branch
    • Part of Brown's duties would include supporting efforts for Space Force
    • Would succeed current Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein who is retiring 
    The United States Air Force's may see its first African-American chief of staff after Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. was nominated by the Trump administration. Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper announced Monday that Brown, commonly known as 'C.Q.', is in line to become to the Air Force's 22nd chief of staff. He would also become the first African-American Pentagon leader since Army Gen. Colin Powell retired as chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff in 1993 and the first African American to lead any military branch.
    Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr was nominated by the Trump administration to become chief of staff Monday, an honor that would see him as the Air Force's first African-American service chief
    If Brown is confirmed for the elite position by the Senate, he will become the highest ranking officer in the Air Force and oversee all units within the military branch.  Brown, 58, would also sit among the Joint Chief of Staff in the Department of Defense, which advises the President, secretary of defense, the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council on military affairs.   

    Under the chief of staff position, Brown would also continue the Air Force's transition to focus efforts on defusing clashes with countries like Russia and China.  '[Brown] will take command of an Air Force in transition, one moving from a decades-long priority on combating and containing terrorism to a new era of Great Power Competition,' the Air Force said

    As part of that new focus, the Air Force and entire U.S. military must be trained, ready and properly equipped to confront, deter and if necessary, defeat, challenges from Russia and China.' As part of the new position, Brown would also be a key ally in supporting the new Space Force program. He has been an Air Force officer since 1984 and is a four-star F-16 pilot who has served several combat tours throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

    Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett praised the nomination, saying: 'The United States Air Force will be well served by the formidable talents of CQ Brown. 'He has unmatched strategic vision and operational expertise. His leadership will be instrumental as the service continues to focus on the capabilities and talent we need to implement the National Defense Strategy.' Brown would succeed current Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein, who is expected to retire later this year.

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