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    Kitchen Tech: Black + Decker Air Fryer


    The Black+ Decker Air Fryer is an excellent addition to your kitchen. It boasts of the rapid air convection technology. This allows you to fry your favorite food such as fries, nuggets, and more. In addition to this, the handle does not heat up so that you can safely take the food out of the basket.

    What's more, you can wash this appliance's parts quickly in a dishwasher. You can manually operate this black and decker air fryer without a hassle. Thanks to its 800g basket capacity, you can air fry food for a large number of people. This air fryer has a black finish that looks brilliant in your kitchen.

    Key features power
    • Power: 1500w 
    • Voltage: 220-240v 
    • Frequency: 50-60hz 
    • Gross Capacity: 2.5l 
    It has safety lock over-heat protection, rapid air convection technology 60 min timer guilt-free fried food the rapid air convection technology helps to fry food using minimal fat. This technology generates immense heat at which you can fry the food in a healthy way. Thus, you can indulge in your favorite fried foodstuffs without any guilt.

    Safe for use you can use the temperature control knob to regulate the temperature at which your food is being cooked inside this black and decker appliance. Furthermore, the cool-touch housing and handle prevent your skin from burns upon contact. This makes the air fryer safe for use. The safety lock of this air fryer ensures that the food remains locked in.

    User-friendly appliance you can place the black and decker air fryer on almost any kitchen surface as it has non-slip feet. Thus, the air fryer will not fall. Also, you can operate this appliance conveniently. The over-heat protection feature ensures that the safety of the appliance and you.

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