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    Neck Hanging Disinfection Card

    The Disinfectant Card is made in Japan and it comes with a neck strap for easy carrying, perfect for going out, on commuting, crowded places. It creates 1 meter radius protection zone against viral (COVID-19) and microbes. Suitable to provide disinfection in spaces such as homes, hotels, schools, bus, office places, public health environment, etc. It designed for everyone especially children, pregnant women, elderly and those working a long-term access to hospitals and clinics with more harmful substances.

    Scope of Use

    • The principle of operation: After opening the card, the bacteriostatic components of the chlorine dioxide contained in the card begin to clean and remove bacteria in the surrounding air. The card is valid for about 30 days.
    • Great Disinfection: Chlorine dioxide has been widely used in most countries for disinfection, pharmaceuticals and public places, and is the first choice for air purification in countless homes.
    • Disinfection Card Component: The disinfection card contains molecular particles, and the main component of which is a chlorine dioxide release agent.
    • Practical in Use: The air purifier protection card features the expiration date of 30 days after unpacking (the expiration date of the card will vary due to different places). Use method: Take it out
    • After Sales Answer: Our customer service is online 24 hours a day. If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact us as soon as possible. (https://www.dx.com)


    • Air Disinfect
    Eliminate any recent harmful substance, reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others.
    • Proven Effective
    Experimentally proven to effectively block airborne particles and harm
    • Necklace Design
    Comes with a neckband and made perfect for carrying around crowded places.
    • Long Term Usage
    Each piece will last approximately 30 days after opening, eco-friendly and cost effective.
    • Safe


    Size: 12.6 x 20.8cm
    Expiration Date: 30 days after opening

    Package Includes

    1x Disinfection Card
    1x Neckband

    Note: Shipping time may be 2-4 weeks longer due to high volume of orders.

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