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    What Is A VPN And Why You Should Use It?

    Protect your digital transactions and your financial life with a VPN!

    Your bank is probably doing everything it can to keep your money safe. However, stolen identities and fraud are still a very real concern. One of the best ways to take charge of your security and protect yourself is with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

    If you care about your online freedom and privacy, then it’s actually essential to use a VPN. Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN creates a secure connection between you and the internet. In short, a VPN can help you:
    • Remain anonymous online — Your real location will no longer be visible.
    • Prevent spying and cyberattacks — You can protect your personal data and device from hackers, malware, and even government surveillance.
    • Freely browse the internet — Unblock any site you want from anywhere, including streaming services like Netflix US, torrent clients, and more.
    It might sound complicated but you definitely don’t need to be a technical expert to use a VPN.

    When and why to use a VPN for online banking

    • If you deal with online transactions and handle sensitive data. Whether it’s your hard-earned money, your employees’ salaries, or your clients’ payments, a compromised bank account could be a disaster. Without a VPN, your transactions, along with sensitive information like names and bank details, can be accessed by hackers and used to steal your money or your identity. If you use a VPN however, your traffic will be encrypted, keeping your transactions safe and secure from prying eyes. They will never be monitored or saved and will never be shared with third parties.
    • You use public Wi-Fi. Connecting to public Wi-Fi, whether while traveling or enjoying a cup of coffee in your local cafe, is risky, especially if the network has no password. Hackers can easily use open networks to hack into your device. Some hackers even create free impostor Wi-Fi networks in public places. It might look like free airport Wi-Fi, but it will actually be a fake network – a hacker’s gateway to your device.
    • You use mobile apps to access your online banking. Even though mobile devices are more difficult to crack than computers, they can still be targeted. If you use mobile banking apps or transfer funds on the go, you should install VPN on your mobile, too.

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