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    Buy A Car With GIFA Token At King Autos

    Buying a new car is always a thrill. But such an enjoyable acquisition is usually accompanied by time-consuming formalities. When all you want is to sit behind the wheel as soon as possible, these additional steps can be a nuisance for most people. Finding a dream car a luxury vehicle, a roadster, or a classic you can purchase with cryptocurrency will certainly save you some time and effort, especially when cross-border payments are involved. 

    You can now buy a luxury car with GIFA Token in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C)! King Autos is the first dealership in TRNC to accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate form of payment for any of the quality luxury and sports vehicles. Buyers holding GIFA Token can finally use this to fund a vehicle purchase, thus finding a genuine use for their cryptocurrency and allowing them to drive the car of their dream without the extra costs of cashing out at an exchange.

    You can buy a dream car with GIFA Token at King Autos

    If you hold the digital asset and want to make a payment, you can do it with GIFA Token. We have relationships with other various businesses, merchants, real estate, furniture shops, hotels, and others that accepting the token, and the transaction is actually quite straightforward.

    Purchasing A Supercar With The Token Is Easy

    Our system is simple when you buy a car with GIFA Token. Transactions are closed-ended and we simply convert GIFA Token to any currency and vice versa when someone buys a car. It’s a simple transfer of wallet to wallet. Since all cryptocurrencies are quite volatile and changing literally every second, we work with you to set a range value in EURO, TL, USD that your crypto is worth at that given point of sale. It is very interesting to inform you that GIFA Token value against the dollar has raised to 1.98 (1 GIFA Token = 2.36 USD).  Meaning, it's profitable to hold GIFA Token since the market is going up. 

    Ready To Buy With GIFA Token?

    King Autos' gallery is a perfect place where customers can find a rich choice of high-end models, from comfortable and practical SUVs to fancy sports cars and even collectible classics. And the best part is that all of them can be bought with GIFA Token (GIFX).

    Check out King Auto's inventory of quality vehicles and get in contact if you’re interested in buying a car with GIFA Token in TRNC. The easiest way to expedite the process is to come and visit us at Dr. Fazil Kucuk, Boulevard, Hamitkoy Junction, Lefkosa / Nicosia in Northern Cyprus and sit down with our finance experts to finalize a deal.  Browse King Autos' website​ here!

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