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    GIFX Exchange: Technical Matters Will Be Resolved In 48 Hours

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    GIFA Token has noted a persistent error that experienced by some users who trying to access or executing other activities on the trading platform, and the issue began last Friday. Well, this is nothing peculiar other than the new integration with a better system improvement ''Ethereum Berlin Network Upgrade'', so our technical team is busy working on it to resolve this matter within 48 hours. PLEASE BE PATIENT!

    The Lucky Draw also postponed to 30th April following the new upgrade that affecting almost the whole blockchain network. The trading activities of the GIFX platform expected to return soon back to normal and permitting thousands of users across the globe who were forced to abandon the registration processes or experiencing sign-in or other unspecified problems due to technical errors, with users eager to trade on the platform and take part in the Lucky Draw. Therefore we are adding GIFA Token's community: Members, investors, whalers, and traders to be patient while the issue is being fixed. Although, this particular technical problem has not affected all GIFX accounts since some users remain unaffected. 

    ''The technical failure also affected other Ethereum-based services, such as Coinbase, ChainLink, BitGo, and others.''

    In the official statement, released by the GIFA Crypto Team that reads: "We are very sorry for the inconvenience occurred beyond our control that hinders the unprecedented amount of crypto enthusiasts, miners and GIFA Token holders from all over the world that tried to log in or opening new accounts and were not able due to the overwhelmed platform that attributed by the Berlin node integration.

    We are deeply sorry for this technology failure that unfortunately took us off guard. You can rest assured that our technical team is doing everything possible around the clock to make sure that all GIFA Token's users get access to the platform and everything resumes back to normal. The issue will be resolved in 48 hours! GIFX exchange at the same time also ensuring its users that their assets are safe.

    Meanwhile: GIFA Token today is trading at $361.27 and Bitcoin prices bounced back at $55,174.30 this morning after the weekend's huge sell-off and private liquidity.

    GIFA Token - Crypto Team

    Date: 19 April 2021

    Source: www.gifatoken.com

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