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GIFX Exchange's Trading Platform Officially Opened

GIFX exchange is extremely happy to announce the GOOD NEWS that the trading platform is now open to all GIFA Token's users. First and f...

GIFX exchange is extremely happy to announce the GOOD NEWS that the trading platform is now open to all GIFA Token's users. First and foremost we would like to thank you particularly for your patience while our technical teams were busy working on the platform and navigate some trading rules to better serve you safely.  

The fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange, GIFA Token officially becomes tradable from today 18th June 2021 and onward. The opening of the trading to all users marks the first time a corporate-backed cryptocurrency unveils itself to the GIFX community and indeed this is a watershed event for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. The trading platform has been always open for some users who met the previous requirements, but now it exclusively available to all members. As long as you have a trading account, please download the trading App "GIFX exchange" to start!


The platform went LIVE on June 18th at 10:50am ET and this reflects a new beginning for the crypto trading community on GIFA Token's web and App. All users are now able to trade after creating a trading account on . The feature is accessible in all countries and regions where crypto trading is supported. Trading is officially begun under the ticker symbol "GIFX."!

GIFX exchange thanks all users, investors, and co-owners for observing some level of patience during the period of upgrading. Despite the integration process is not wholly completed! We will provide updates and other important information like trading rules on how to use the trading platform in the most eco-efficiency and benevolent manners.  
In 8 weeks to come, we will again add 20 more cryptocurrencies to the platform that meet our standards and criteria. Currently, the exchange offers trading support for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) along GIFA Token (GIFX).

The Northern Cyprus-based cryptocurrency exchange will offer Dogecoin on its trading platform on Monday, the meme coin will start showing up hopefully next week and this another good news for meme coin's enthusiasts. GIFX exchange continues to explore support for new digital assets. We will make a separate announcement when this support is added. You can sign up now for a GIFX trading account here to start trading. For more information on trading matters, please reach out to the GIFA Token team: [email protected]


We've had a number of ups and downs on our way here. Through hard work and skill, GIFA Token succeeded where many predicted it would fail. Of course, we weathered the ups and downs through innovation and focusing our vision on the long-term goal (facilitating a minimum of 650 daily exchange orders on the trading platform). 

Today’s opening of the trading platform to our users is another milestone, but it’s not a boost since every new day we set for new challenge.  GIFA Token's mission is to "increase economic freedom in the world." We are devoted to building a strong global network of GIFA Token followers, subscribers, and co-owners. We are committed to openness, transparency, and progressiveness. 

Road Map

We believe GIFA Token will become one of the most popular and preferred choices of the global community, which will make it known as the 'People's Cryptocurrency'. We are on route to making GIFA Token a powerful cryptocurrency, fundamentally secured and decentralized. Our strong values, beliefs, and commitments shall continue to shape GIFA Token’s 2021 roadmap and beyond. We shall endeavor to provide regular progress reports and notifications to the GIFX community.