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    Why GIFA Token Rebounds Faster Than Other Altcoins?

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    Bulls keep controlling the market, with the majority of the top coins like Bitcoin experiencing market volatility which is also a defining factor of GIFA Token since its inception. We see volatility in every type of market to some extent, but some cryptocurrencies are far better than what most investors typically expect. Price fluctuations allow investors to buy low and sell high. This investment strategy can make money faster than the long-term trends. 

    Market Volatility

    In general, investors must choose to buy, sell, or hold their digital assets based on news and fears in the industries. There are major events that can spur sudden volatility or increase investments in a reasonably steady trajectory. While other altcoins might increase 15% in a week, we’ve recently seen how GIFA Token defying such a trend when the price grows 10 times in the same time frame.

    Perceived Value

    One major factor that drives up GIFA Token's price against fiat currencies like the US dollar it has become the dominant narrative and store of value or currency that maintains its worth and therefore can be exchanged in the future. US dollar can be printed in any gigantic amount that then leads to inflation. GIFA Token, on the other hand, has a fixed limit supply of 20,100,000,000 tokens that can be produced. This makes it similar to gold with its natural scarcity. GIFA Token holds great potential weighed for the long-term as a store of value, despite the current dip.

    FUD and FOMO

    FUD is a common finance acronym that stands ''for fear, uncertainty, and doubt''. The term refers to investors that are too hesitant or prematurely pull out so early because of perceived risk. These skeptical investors allow fears to dominant their own decisions with concern over losing their investment to change their minds afterward. Even slight downward fluctuations in price can exacerbate FUD and lead to mass selloffs. 

    FOMO stands ''for fear of missing out'', and it’s a major driver of cryptocurrency investments. People see how many times a certain digital asset has doubled, tripled, and increased tenfold over a certain period, and they don’t want to miss their chance. Bitcoin is the prime example of FOMO investment. Frankly speaking, FOMO and FUD go all together, when people buying at an all-time high. and then end up selling off after the first dip.

    Picking Up Pace 

    GIFA Token has proved to its skeptics that it is a real deal to reckon with. The price sustainability led the golden token to set a new correction of $2.23 as of today. Since the time of its inception last year, we’ve seen wonderful uptrends and obviously a lot of value accumulation as well. There is an enormous demand from commercial players and GIFX community efforts. As I implied above, I believe that the golden token price is bound to rise, and the current decline is just temporary.  The profit return in the future is very strong at 896%. GIFA Token’s trajectory is clearly upward. GIFA Token is already proving that it has utility, a strong team developing the project, and a clear vision too. The whole ecosystem is quite healthy and viable.!  

    Long-term prospects

    GIFX exchange is decentralized finance (DeFi) with a strong team, a strong vision, and successful management in providing better utility. GIFA Token recently made headlines back in late May when secured a number of deals with local and international stakeholders. 

    GIFA Token will rise moving forward, investors who want to understand what the promise of the company looks like could check out the project’s whitepaper. The company has laid out a clear plan that is very obviously on the right track. Science Techniz believes that recent price action indicates that the market is catching on. Despite the dip, GIFX will bounce back much more quickly than most other crypto assets could.

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