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GIFA Token Is An Inflation Resistant

GIFA Token (GIFX) is a well-established and respected crypto exchange, headquartered in  Northern Cyprus . GIFA Token's crypto project h...

GIFA Token (GIFX) is a well-established and respected crypto exchange, headquartered in Northern Cyprus. GIFA Token's crypto project has become one of the fast-growing blockchain ecosystems and popular choices of many crypto traders from Turkey, the mainland, and investors around the globe. 

Why buy and hold cryptos? 

If you simply save in your local fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, TL, and so on), your cash will surely lose value over time. It's important to understand the reason why many people are now turning to Bitcoin and other altcoins as a way to protect themselves from the "melting down" of fiat money.

We all know that crypto investment is an inflation hedge and the industry is creating more business opportunities. As the crypto adoption's frenzy grows, people fear missing out and many want to step into the crypto world, whether through trading, mining, or investing. 

The company is here inviting everyone who seeks to be part of the next global financial system of the future. You can start registering on the GIFA Token platform today, by just investing as little as 10 USD or even more to get on board! GIFA Token is an online crypto platform that offers crypto investment and trading services. When you buy bitcoin or any crypto that you preferred, the company will provide you with a free digital wallet, but you are not mandated to it if you want to withdraw the crypto to any wallet of your choice.

Throughout history, investors have looked out for other means to protect their wealth in times of inflation by buying assets that will either keep up with inflation or beat it. Gold, shares, and housing have traditionally been the best options, depending on the level of inflation. 

These assets are known to the finance world as ‘inflation hedges’. We know that inflation increases the prices of consumers' products and the cost of goods and services.  To solve this COVID-19 induced global economic crisis, you should simply use your cash to buy an asset that will increase in value at the same rate or more than inflation. In this way, your wealth is protected, or ‘hedged’.

“My cash is losing value every second...How do I protect my wealth?”

Realizing the full impact of inflation on personal wealth has driven many people across the world to convert cash to assets that protect their wealth from inflation. Cryptocurrency is a new revolutionary asset class that shares the same properties as gold in terms of its suitability as a store of wealth and a protector against inflation. Gold has long been regarded as the go-to inflation hedge. But the world is much different now, with blockchain technology heralding the rise of an entirely new asset class such as Bitcoin. 

While inflation eats your wealth, can cryptocurrencies save the day? 

Today, we have cryptocurrencies that have inflation-resistant characteristics: Bitcoin, Ethereum, GIFA Token, and other valuable coins out there that worthed - trading above 1.00 USD are excellent hedges that are arguably much better than gold. Digital currency isn't tied to any particular, fiat money, country's economy, or monetary systems such as IMF and the World Bank. So, investors must take on more risk to offset the traditional concepts in order to pave a new way for profitable opportunities.

For people tired of being the victims of inflation, GIFA Token as a crypto-asset represents an unprecedented opportunity and shield that will effectively protect your wealth from inflations. GIFA Token’s economic inclusiveness allows investors to instantly purchase a diversified portfolio of the top crypto-assets existing in the market.


This article or any other document, produced and signed by and associates does not constitute an offer or solicitation or financial advice and shall not be construed in this way, and it may only be construed as a piece of information sharing. All types of investments involve risk, it is up to the users to decide how much they could afford to invest thereto.