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Understanding GIFA Wallet

GIFA Wallet is a multi-currency digital wallet that allows users to store, trade, sell and manage major cryptocurrencies available in the ma...

GIFA Wallet is a multi-currency digital wallet that allows users to store, trade, sell and manage major cryptocurrencies available in the market such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) among many others. 

Understanding GIFA Wallet

To make sure you have a full understanding of how to use GIFA Wallet effectively. I will spend time explaining a little bit about some features of this digital wallet such as the wallet address and QR code.  A wallet address is like your bank account number that you use when you deposit money and give it to people to transfer money to you. This account number could be used by your employer to pay your salary, or your friends and family send you some birthday money!  

If somebody wants to transfer GIFA Token to you, what is needed here is only your wallet address that now represents your account number. Just like in the real world, no two wallet addresses are ever the same, which means that there is no chance that somebody else would steal your funds. Additionally, GIFA Wallet has 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and encryption that maximizes the security features of your account. 

Before I go any further, I want you to think about how you store your real-world cash - money. You don't walk about holding it in your hands, do you? Instead, you most probably store it in a leather wallet or purse that you carry in your pocket, or maybe even store them in a piggy bank in your house! Either way, it is wise to store your money where it sounds safe.

A cryptocurrency wallet follows the same core principles. However, in the world of cryptocurrency things are slightly different. Since cryptocurrencies are not actually stored in a physical wallet like fiat money, cryptocurrencies do not exist in a physical form. Instead, they are in digital analogy a sort of computer code on the blockchain system that executes and stores all the transactional records. Nevertheless, by obtaining a crypto wallet like GIFA Wallet in this case, you will have the ability and enjoy the privileges attached to it to send and receive Bitcoin, GIFA Token, and the whole collection of digital currencies.

Key Features of GIFA digital wallet

  • It is a multi-currency digital wallet.
  • It allows users to store, trade, sell and buy cryptos.
  • It allows users to make payments at the point of sales.
  • It allows users to transfer and cryptocurrencies.
  • Users can able to manage their digital assets.
  • It is accessible anywhere in the world.

How to get GIFA Wallet?

Creating an account with a GIFA wallet is free of charge, and the account setup process is done online. To create your GIFA Wallet, first, you have to download our mobile Applications from Google Playstore for android phone users, and also it available to iPhones users, they can get the App on the App store. From there users must provide an email address and password that will be used to manage the account, and the system will send an automated email requesting the verification of the account. Here below are some important stages and steps you will go through when creating a GIFA account for the first time whether registering on the mobile App or via the official website:

3 Steps to Open the Account

  1. Account Verification
  2. Email Verification
  3. Phone Verification

1. Account Verification (Click SUBMIT)

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (example: 1989-02-29)
  • Address where you live
  • City
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • National ID card, or Passport, or Driver's License ( you must upload a verified photocopy)
  • Proof of Residence (for example the municipality utility bill) plus other supporting documents confirming where you live and must state your address printed on it.

2. Email Verification (Click SUBMIT)

  • Enter Email ID
  • Password (confirm twice)

3. Phone Verification (Click SET)

  • Select your Country (from the list)
Step #1:
  • Enter the number you wish to connect with your account after selecting the country of provenance. Click on the “Verify” button to instantly validate the phone number.
Step #2:
  • Within 3 seconds, 6 digits verification code will be sent to your phone.
Step #3:
  • Enter that code to validate the phone number, or you can “Reset” or refresh the page to request again. This validated number you added to the system can now be used to set up a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) that maximizes the security features of your account. Those are the steps users would go through when installing the "GIFA Wallet".

The company will send you an email for confirmation in almost every stage you go through. If you already have an account, you don't need this; just hit the ''sign-in'' button. Remember that any activity happening on your account, GIFA Token will send an automatic alert to you, this security notification is always prompted with the purpose to keep users updated with the activities on their account. After your account is successfully created and you have already login you will see the WALLET icon, BUY icon, TRADE icon, and TRANSACTION icon on top of your profile dashboard. Press on the wallet icon to reconfigure your digital wallet extra login credentials such as Google Two Factor Authentication that required 6 Digit OTP.

Once this security feature is successfully configured, the user is provided with a Wallet Address that looks like, eg: 0x7cbc8c18a67b7b34f3729ba90a6fd79b81e412f4, which is a unique identifier similar to a bank account number. As you can see, it uses a combination of numbers and letters, using both upper case and lower case. The cryptocurrency wallet's address does not reveal the real-world identity of its owner, which is why the blockchain is referred to as “pseudonymous”.

GIFA Wallet holders can access their e-wallet by logging into the GIFA exchange website, or accessing through a mobile application on Androids and iPhones. The Wallet interface shows the current wallet balance for both bitcoin, ether, tokens, ripple, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and displays the user’s most recent transactions. Users can also click on the cryptocurrency balance, and it will display the available value of the funds in US$. 

When you log into your account, the entire crypto-portfolio is on a visual list chart, which also lets you know the current market value of each coin includes GIFA Token. The user interface is really clean, making it perfect for beginners to sharpen their trading skills and spend the token
in a real-world store. 

Can I make payment with GIFA Wallet?

Can I make payment with GIFA Wallet? Yes, users can make payments with GIFA Token to any business that accepts the token. Within your digital wallet, there is (QR code) for scanning purposes. The QR code is similar to a barcode that is commonly used by businesses to store financial information. A unique address and QR code are generated each time the user makes a request. 

The company is busy working around the clock setting up exchange centers and incorporating businesses where users can able to buy even a cup of coffee with the GIFA Token as well as convert their tokens into cash. 

The QR code in the digital wallet will be like your pin number for crypto ATMs in the future. I should also tell you that the digital wallet is user-friendly.  However,  sometimes you need to observe patience: and don't get frustrated when the wallet is under maintenance as it required time by time to improve the system.