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GIFA Business Incubation Center Expected To Boom In 2023

While continuing to consolidate and grow core business activities, GIFA Business Group has found the appeal of new venture strategies hard t...

While continuing to consolidate and grow core business activities, GIFA Business Group has found the appeal of new venture strategies hard to resist. We strongly believe these strategies will help us facilitate entry into new business areas with innovative products and services, With new ventures, GIFA Business Group aims to capture vital ventures of the entrepreneurial community, maximize profits and establish a cutting edge in the current global economic environment. 

With this in mind, GIFA Business Group has established the ''Business Incubation Centre'' that presents a dynamic opportunity to provide aspiring entrepreneurs all the tools to gradually turn their idea into profitable businesses. The Business Innovation Center is the brainchild of Mr. Yusuf Kisa, the president of GIFA Holding Limited.

GIFA Business Group has set aside a $40million investment for seed funding, incubation, mentoring, training, knowledge dissemination and best practice guidelines for those participants whose projects or business ideas are selected and each will be given time to help turn these ideas into viable businesses with a global outlook. The main objective of an innovation and incubation center is to discover and fund the world’s next generation of global entrepreneurs and business startups. The project has already been launched and is expected to produce some results around next year, 2023. 

What is Business Incubator

A business incubator is a workspace created to offer startups and new ventures access to the resources they need, all under one roof. In addition to a desk or office, incubators often provide resident companies with access to expert advisors, mentors, administrative support, office equipment, training, and/or potential investors. Most incubators are created as temporary launching pads for new businesses, with the expectation that participants will eventually graduate and move out. 

However, not all graduates are successful, unfortunately, and some decide their business concept wasn’t viable and shut down instead, so business incubators seek to curb that. The GIFA Business Group strategy and efforts are focused on smaller and medium-range businesses. This will be one of the key investments over the next 3 years and in total $140 million is earmarked for various expenditures and investments. Additionally, over $85 million dollars was allocated for financing the retirement village in Iskele for the aging population. So, far everything is look very promising!

The Incubation and Innovation Centre will provide a platform for participants and young business entrepreneurs to access the diverse resources of the GIFA Business Group. The Incubation Centre strives to be the primary focal point for students, business owners, and the larger entrepreneurial community interested in innovation and finding a home for launching immersive experiences that are scalable businesses. The GIFA Business Group exclusively promotes 4 key areas: 

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Profitability

The company provides support for entrepreneurs who are interested in developing early-stage business ventures by providing the technology, development and network assistance, office space, and access to mentors and subject matter experts. GIFA Business Group and all its projects under management leverage deep knowledge with real-world experience that will further enrich the knowledge and efforts of the participants who are launching their business. 

We believe that it is all about delivering a positive impact on accelerating technology development and new venture creation for students, founders, investors, staff, and other related parties. GIFA Business Group's Incubation Centre it's a place for everyone who wants to learn, ideate, and build their startups into successful businesses.

For young people out there who want to set up a startup, you have a good idea, but you have no funds. Perhaps, you are now asking yourself what should you do? How do I fund my startup idea?  GIFA Business Group offers free practical training, providing office space and the capital if you need it. Most young people are looking for ideas to start a startup. This can be considered the first wrong step was taken by young people who want to start a startup but lack skills. For expressions of interest, please forward your inquiry to the email: [email protected].

The 4 stages for Entrants

There are 4 stages that define the Limitations, as well as the Terms and Conditions for the precipitant or entrant to proceed in the GIFA Business Incubation selection process:

  1. STAGE: Write and send a 100-word summary motivation proposal  
  2. STAGE: If selected, you will be invited to submit, in writing, a full project or business proposal.
  3. STAGE: If you passed you will be invited in person and screened by a panel of 3 judges.
  4. STAGE: If successful, you will be given a budget and an office at the company headquarter (in Cyprus) to begin your journey with GIFA Business Group to start your project or business incubation process. 

NOTE: The company aims to select only the ''4 best ideas'' and if the new participants require further training, this may be done for the incubatee to gain in-depth experience in the field of startups. Selected business ideas are incubated for a 12-month period to develop the idea and to better position it for a successful business launch. 

GIFA Business Group's endeavors are intended to educate students, and entrepreneurs to become an integral part of the GIFA entrepreneurship ecosystem by providing participants with real-life experiences, mentoring, advising connection to resources, and funding with the ultimate goal of creating self-sustaining, funding-ready ventures. We offer technology, and hands-on experience a participant needs to succeed as a future businessman.

Within the framework of continuous education, the company educates students and orient business owners about the startup ecosystem in Northern Cyprus. Social events like conferences, and seminars create an investment forum for young entrepreneurs to convene within the internal GIFA investor network. Business events like these strengthen the fintech innovation and elevate the TRNC higher on the international innovation map, the social events also bridge Europe, Asia, Latin, and Africa together because this is the opportunity to share business ideas. ''Within all the support we offer, we emphasize that the major success factor for entrepreneurs is themselves: their passion, their determination, their sense of urgency, their hard work, and their willingness to participate, give and take''. 

Since its establishment, GIFA Business Incubation Center supported the establishment of several startups with over 500 entrepreneurs and helped to create more new jobs, trained more than 10000 entrepreneurs, and invested more than $14 billion in various projects since 2017.  

Most importantly, GIFA Business Group has achieved significant recognition locally and internationally – Talk about GIFA Token that raised $340 million through initial coin offerings, the greatest success to date for a Cypriot cryptocurrency projectThis is an extremely testament to hard work, determination, and steadfastness!