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    Cyber Warfare

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    Cyber warfare is an attack involves some actions of the state or organization mostly international with intents that aiming to subdue or damage another nation's electronic system or steal some classified information from a networks, for example, computer malware that wretch a denial-of-service in electronic system. Cyber operations have been used hand-in-hand by state apparatus to launch information warfare and intelligence gathering as it explained by Sven Sakkov, director of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center. “Today's phone hacks example for Angela Merkel's phone that hacked by NSA to listen on her personal and state's conversations should awake anyone who never heard about cyber intrusion. Things like website defacement and politically motivated cyber propaganda has became a new battle front in electronic psycho warfare which serve a wider purpose, of which many attacks have nothing to do with hostility, but a business venture of knowledge acquisitions and information gathering. This article illustrating here on this blog about cyber operations that used in much broader strategies of info-war especially in recent U.S.A Presidential election campaign where the Russian Federal Security Service (FBS) alleged may have been behind the leaking of Democratic National Committee emails which added a disturbing twist against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The infos war that encompassing digital propaganda, denial-of-service (DoS) campaigns, website defacements, information leaks by hacktivist groups who exploiting cutting-edge cyber espionage malware and spyware at their disposal.

                                                           Information warfare

    War itself is probably as old as human race, but time by time its deadly methodologies and strategic deceiving modalities changed dramatically each and every half decade. The earliest wars took place were involved man-on-horse with spears and then Trencherman took over until the dawn of mechanized man. In the World War I, aircraft started to play a role and, by the 1940s, air forces had become the new way to project superior power. At sea; the submarines in the deep ocean armed with intercontinental missiles that could hit almost any point on Earth within a half-hour. The battleships that played a big role in eastern Pacific seas have replaced by modern warship carriers that launch off fighter planes.  Air superiority traditionally became war games of the westerners for capitulating a quick and sharp attacks. Nowadays, the war of manned craft is already moved into space with unmanned vehicles,surveillance radars,drones,satellites giving unheard-of knowledge required to annihilate and jamming enemy's radar array system to overshadowing enemies' ballistic missile-launching pads.Whenever war has expanded into a new sphere,intrinsically it drove new technology at flay, different tactics and usually new force structures.This is the reason why we have Navies, air forces that just beginning with the Armies of Arrow-man to the squadron of F-17. But now, again war is moving rapidly into the information sphere,  Professor Jarno Limnéll, a cyber security expert at Aalto University retaliated that, "the world is moving toward a greater strategic defensive and offensive of cyber capabilities to persuade or intimidate adversaries,

                                                                 Ron Deibert explain the role of Cyber warfare

    Counter Cyber Warfare 
    It very worth for the nations to develop measures that ensure secured defensive cyber programs to protect the national security and safeguarding command-lines and domestic communication systems. Foreign military forces and civilian institutions alike will utilize information and technology to launch cyber attacks that can both harass and degrade national interest or subdue fighting will-power. It is equivocally, necessary for military projects to be aligned synchronically with civil organizations in order to create a secure and robust data network, since internet has connects almost every aspect of our lives. Everyone from governments to banking facilities and private companies use the internet for electronic communications and aid daily administrations. Cyberspace has swallowed large parts of our daily interactions include Mobile Telecommunications,Multimedia and civic networks which are literally, the backbone of our society. If the internet stops working, for instance all kinds of other things will stop working too. This is very dangerous for unprepared nations, cyber attacks launched through the internet can cause immense damage,imparting moral humiliation or swaying citizenry trustworthiness toward the service provided by the government or organization.

     When cyber attack occurred in the country is not only the military or targeted organizations will be affected, all wired people and entire nations that depend on daily internet usage for civic administrations, business purposes and hospitality services will suffer as consequence. Some people's career too which are online oriented will be negatively harmed by such simple attack. However, cyber operations often remain classified and as a result it leaves most people in the dark and confused about what is really happening on networks or what is going on.   A cyber attacks with destructive viruses or malware that jam,shut down or create a blackout to the electronic system such as computers,satellites, google engine, communication and commanding networks responsible for battlefield effectiveness can render huge problem to the entire force,in its operational tasks of executing combat missions. 
    The Chinese, for example, have embark on cyber espionage campaigns to infiltrate all military institutions and civil alike on the planet. The Chinese they repeatedly, trying to gain access into U.S.A defense and commercial components with the aim to steal military technologies and other classified industrial information. The Chinese military have a specialized researching unit, called 'Unit 61398,' based on the outskirts of Shanghai, patriotically devoted to the industrial cybernetic espionage. According to Joe McReynolds a security analyst, says "China has three types of operational military units: And mostly those professional hackers are officiated to fight against foreign's networks, many of them are in military and some remnant in civilian units tasked to carry out a synchronicity defensive and offensive network attacks. The units comprise of members and specialists from various governmental organizations including the Ministry of State Security , and the Ministry of Public Security who are authorized to conduct military networking spying on domestic activities and foreign institutions.

    Cyber threat is not only posed by the Chinese alone who are making an effort in the manner of trying to steal technology and piggy-back on the findings. United States and Israel  too also doing the same as according the revelation of  Edward Snowden and Wikileaks, the two countries are heavily using the 5th generation digital weapon, which infamous called Stuxnet worm to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program and delay the nuclear weapon development. Stuxnet worm targets industrial control systems that are used to monitor and control large scale industrial facilities like power plants, dams, production systems and other giant industrial platforms. It allows the attackers to take control of these systems without the operators knowing its intrusion. This digital weapon allow the attacker or hackers to manipulate real-world equipment, which then in reality it's very dangerous. 

                                                                   NSA with Cyber penetration

    Cyber units most manned by people who are hired experts work like electronic mercenaries running electronic researches and analyses under the cover of non-government entities, that can be ordered, organized and mobilized any time needed for specific infos warfare. Israel is actively engaging into electronic espionage system and development at a low profile. Despite its small size, Israel is a main leader in communication technology particular in military domain, chasing the group of Singapore,South Korea, Japan,Estonia and others digitalized nations that topping the chart of the most advanced countries with technological and computational infrastructures in the whole world. Israel is so fortunate for forging a technical partnership with the U.S.A some firms like Microsoft and Amazon have invested heavily in the Israeli defense sectors and these commercial companies are constantly seeking cyber security protection, they announced that they were interested in buying Israeli cyber security companies. The primacy of security investment is to seek a communication safe haven, which is becomingly extremely very difficult to maintain as we move towards 4th Generation of super technologies where there would be simultaneous intrusion by outsiders from different directions. 

    The international cyber security is not the trivial, but a serious global security concern that prey on everyone's emails,personal computers, Tweet's counts or Facebook pages,the most popular social media platforms. Institutions in Africa,Latin America and Asia are not exclusion. It's a sobering pity to the Third World nations include African nations that are being exploited without defensive strategical counter measure thereto ping who is reeling into their civic systems, either daring to figure out domestic long term goals. I am encouraging developing nations to steal opportunity initiating some pre-preemptive information-hunt (military-industrial technologies from those developed nations who already have them) in order to develop local infrastructures and improve domestic components.This's not a call for "demon", but a necessities because it seems everyone is hacking another. 
                                                South Africa an El-dorado of cyber espionage

    Many countries in world are hacking one another, Cyber warfare has become a legitimate a game of "Troy" recently for every security institutions and business organizations are creeping at each other every time and then, to cast an eye at plans,designs and trade secrets of their rivalries or business competitors. Russian has been suspected of carrying out cyber attack on Turkey following the downing of a Russian fighter jet late last year. For around about 20 hours the entire country (Turkey) was without internet,due to cybernetic interruption. Another similar cyber attack was done on the power plants in Ukraine were the malware shut down the electronic system at Kiev international airport which followed the place to be temporally closed for several days due to system failure. Cyber defense and training are more important as the only way military's endeavor that projecting and aiming to stay at least one step ahead of the adversary's cyber sleuths and maintain the constant strategic advantages with high techs in this era that predominantly by electronic warfare, in order to affords the protection of its nations and grantee safety of national security from any attack.

    Foot note:

    It is advisable for any nation to protect its own people,secure domestic communications and military command networks away from external penetration. Cyber counter measure is a crucial aspects of modern defensive doctrines and package of 12th century for any intelligence unit, gone the days when much of information acquisition was depend of Human Intelligence and case operative officer on foot, however this is another era of digital evolution, where human agents his trade-craft substituted by a computer and software. Most nations are actively seeking a means to protect their own cyber systems while at the same time trying to create a method of monitoring and interfering into foreign systems of other nations. Most cyber attacks today are not for hostility purposes, but more performed to steal brains of another nation.

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