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    Human Research Program (HRP) under NASA Corpic Project and Exploration  Mission.
    The word "Cryonic" basically itself means "freeze" or literally put life in a temporary suspension and retrieve it later. The concept of Cryonic developed to test some of the scientific experiments pertaining to the natural law of instinct whereby it believed that there are some living organisms do mimicking their biological mechanism by either altering their physical bodies in order to adapt or circumvent natural factors such as heat,cold and pressure and cope with natural environmental in a harsh climatic weather,gravity and others.

    The phenomena behind the law of nature ''Biomicry'' have saved several group groups of mammals mainly ground squirrels, polar bears, toads, and other living organisms to hibernate their bodies in order to save their energies and preserve themselves from detrimental factors when hiding from natural elements. Those organisms I have mentioned above normally go into the state of dormancy for a certain period of time like weeks, months or even a year. Frankly, speaking this instinct law of nature is very peculiar when observing these types of organisms example the toads that dug into the ground or mud to conceal themselves from environmental factors and surviving even with limited food while they inside barrows. 

    In places where the weather is extremely very cold eg in the Arctic region where winter season the temperature can go - 60-degree Celsius. The animals in tundra hide under the ice surface for several days until the weather changed to normal to come out. The period of breeding and hunting for food can be several days or months. In hottest climatic regions example in Namib desert where summer temperatures can skyrocketing above 45 degree Celsius, animals like side-adders and other desert snakes do retreat into their burrows (hibernaculum) until the favorable time. 

    Question: Can human being also go into hibernation like other mammals?

    Certainly yes! According to the studies conducted from several scientific experimentations, confirmed that all group of mammals include a human being can hibernate; since we are part of mammals with warm-blooded bodies this means that humans are good hibernators. However, we may perhaps somewhere in our earlier development and evolution we have lost full biological mechanisms that necessitate us to achieve this true hibernation straight away. Of course, the hibernation process is a central point of every natural adaptability. 

    Primary Human hibernate
    Unborn Baby: Primary Hibernation

    Human Hibernation: T
    he hibernation process started when a human is an unborn baby inside the mothers' womb for 9 months but the fetus still alive. Take note that the unborn baby is already a living entity when it is in a temporary dormancy waiting for the right time to be born into a new world. The hibernation process is characterized by profound reductions in metabolism, oxygen, water and organic food consumption and low heart rate. So, whenever an organism in the state of hibernation its body is somehow mimicking the survival miniatures that allow the living organism to adapts and cope under harsh environmental or constraining condition. When an organism is hibernating it is totally in a hypometabolic state (a state where an organism’s body turns to lipids (fatty acids) rather than carbohydrates for the production of sleeping energy. Of course, the dormant organism loses some of its body weight during this endurable hibernation period. But however, in long run, the organism will survive much healthier.

    During hibernation period, an organism does not consume much energy, as compared to the wakeful state, where none-hibernated organism consumes a great deal of energy in physical body activities, and gain weight after continuous eating. In a hibernation period, a living organism decreased heart rate and blood pressure, all of which ensure that the body of a hibernating organism consumes as little energy as possible and excrete less water in the form of wastes minimally to prolong its energy stores and enduring longer period to stay without food and water. Human hibernation endeavor will be one of  21 century technological breakthrough in Biotechnology particularly in the field of Bionics and Cryonics. Although, this special field is at its infancy front. However, its requirement and indeed specification are already in growing admiration. 

    The benefit of human hibernation is another hope that will help Space Exploration, and be able to launch a human into interstellar flights. By mastering this technique will allow human crews to travel to those distant stars and galaxies with much easy, less cost and more safer. To put human astronauts in spacecraft need serious protection and the right step is only to shield them into biocapsules filled with electrolyte fluids that behave as the life-suspender in resemblance to Amniotic Fluid the semi-liquid found inside an embryonic cyst of human being that sustains the life of unborn baby within its confinement. 

    Biocapsules, designed in this special way is highly needed as a miniaturizing life supporting machines, where astronauts are placed into during the endurable long voyage to outer worlds. The Biocapsule is an artificial cabinet-like that designed to mimic a biological womb of a mother for proper hibernation [eg a baby in its mother’s womb]. The astronauts can seat comfortably in these biocapsules when the spaceship leaves the Earth and be re-awakened up again technically whenever the spaceship is just a few kilometers to reaches such destination.

    Hibernation in Correctional Services

    The advanced of hibernation technology will not only provide protection and preservation for human astronauts, but it can link with psychology in rendering mind’s comfortability for the canceled people especially the inmates who may serve long prison sentences. Advanced Biohibernation techniques can induce any human being to go into a certain state of metaphysical trance where a person create virtual scenes of harmony in his/her mind-picture. The technique also capable of induces a benevolent effect on the psychological level of human’s mind, where a person has an illusion with time, feelings and smells for stance.  An inmate for example who served for 30 years in prison can be biologically tranquilized [hypnotized] with special medicine to go into a hibernation state, and perceive 30 years jail term as equivalent to 3 months spent in prison. 

    In the East, for example, ancient ChinaJapan, and India there are common traditional practices called Dharma Meditation that produce same mind effect closer to this kind of mind soothing technology I am trying to insinuate here. It believed that a meditative person who exalting Dharma meditation developed high consciousness that focuses more inward and less concentrate on the outward, this would help inmates  pay less attention to world affairs, and most in these case a person perceive no time manifestation nor space, only come to feel the good thrill of it afterward, whenever reawakened.

     Interstellar Flights

    Life in Suspension
    NASA Life In Suspension Experimentation
    Traveling a long journey to Mars or to Andromeda the most closet galaxy laying next to our own, imagine embarking on that endurable space voyage that takes 12 years an in flight. Such concern it took scientists to worry about the health implication of those people who will be on board. In order to circumvent avoidable problems, serve energy consumption and limiting the loading capacity of the tiniest spacecraft. Therefore something must be done: Is unwise to load a huge amount of energy [food, water and power] for one single crew package during one single voyage to those planets. Therefore bioengineers have avail opportunity through continuous studies of human hibernation, it has been estimated that life-suspension is the right solution to this critical dilemma. If the crews are biologically hibernated this can save much energy, minimized workloads and reduce the cost and reduced mental health problems like claustrophobia [homesickness] putting people into a state of dormancy (sleeping) instead of allowing them to wonder about the tiny craft, it could hold huge protection. 

    The people who will undertake interstellar visitation, traveling thousands of miles to distant worlds that exist somewhere million light years through deep space, those voyages will cost amount of food package, water gallons, tons of fuels and take several years to reach. Thus the planned journeys to Mars or to Kepler 22B , "earth-like planet" which is recently discovered in Andromeda solar system, that very, very far from our own galaxy. The voyage to go there at Kepler 22B, for instance, will take approximately 900 million years in flight, for any spaceship at speed of light. So researches about technologies like this one Human cryonics are highly needed in order to explore our own universe, which we are part of.

    Alcor's video demonstrating about Cryonic technology and the life-support technique
    Microbial Hibernation

    It is not only mammals that can hibernate or enter into a state of dormancy, but several microbes can also able to hibernate and enter dormancy during treatment application. An example single-celled organisms, or a certain type of protozoans that enveloping themselves within protective cysts[capsules] around their sooth membrane in order to survive a hostile drugged-environments. This is the reason why you get sick again after you been treated for sicknesses like influenza the same fever virus or bacteria. Doctors used to claim that the virus is resistant to drugs.

    Microbial hibernation allows viral diseases and bacterial infection to spread so easily unhindered. The protozoan that causes Thyroid, for example, forms a cyst that allows it to survive in water and be passed from one person to another. The encystment(sack) allows them to live in a dormant state when the environment is unfavorable for them e.g. half-boiling anaerobic water.  The microbial reactivate its normal body once the environmental factor is suitable for living and for reproduction.

                       Futuristic Cryonic For critical health care and life-supporting medicines                 

    Despite many scientific breakthroughs, Cryonic technology still at its infancy level and much scientific research on life-supporting/life-suspension are really needed to be done. There are many challenges that curtaining this wonderful technology. The ethical challenges facing this particular field, is how to get on with the main target of experimenting with a human in a hibernation test, right now there are no physical assets for cryonics that met alive human incubation and the technology to control the duration of person in such a deep sleep and re-awaken a person that induced into dormancy. 

    It is also hard to predict the outcomes from such a long-duration that needed for hibernation experiments. Up to now nobody actually knew how truly safer for a human being physiologically and psychologically when his or her functional brain and physical body went through such a strange experiment, we can do the experiment on animals but so far no trials have yet carried out on humans. The project like NASA corpic project, with the mission to launch a human on planet Mars, may go to such extent.

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