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How U.S Survived from tasting a Nuclear Bomb

President John F. Kennedy meets Nikita Khrushchev at the Vienna summit meeting of June 1961 The Cuban Missile Crisis  in 1960s was one of th...

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President John F. Kennedy meets Nikita Khrushchev at the Vienna summit meeting of June 1961
The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1960s was one of the gravest moment in America foreign policy, and the nuclear threat ever existed in history. In books, movie films and documentaries President John F. Kennedy and Nikita S. Khrushchev, the Soviet Union premier, have been appraised by the world for their considerable effort in preventing the Cold War turning into a nuclear conflict, that could killed million innocent Cubans and Americans both from two fronts. The infamous “eyeball to eyeball” phrase wasn't fixed through mere politics but through the clandestine of diplomacy. The tripartite group comprised the Cubans,Americans and Soviets sometimes met in secret rendezvous chambers compromising even their national security, just for the sake to save the world from nuclear catastrophes. Many international historians praised Kennedy as a Cold War hero who stood up firmly to face the bully Khrushchev and avoided apocalypse nuclear war. Despite the escalation, the firing off of nuclear warheads was ultimately averted, thanks to the tentative ties that prevailed in June 1961. Without this confidence-building in Vienna, it is likely that (the missile crisis in) Cuba would have gone very differently.There was good reason for the global concern. A nuclear war was all too imminent, a war that might "destroy the Northern Hemisphere".

After Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, the disclassification information indicated that Kennedy was a great leader. Dr. Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr who served as Kennedy’s court historian wrote in his book called A Thousand Days, that it was Kennedy’s “combination of toughness and restraint, of will, and wisdom that save the world.

In the case of North Korea nuclear standoff both two dramatic leaders Kim and Trump would at least resort to some workable diplomacy to resolve nuclear escalation on the Korean peninsula. History shows that the continuous confrontation between the United States and North Korea still carries an enormous danger: Any miscalculation or mistake could cause a catastrophe so exponentially. Both leaders Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are very erratic and megalomaniacs might push the world into interplanetary wars. During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, historians have identified dozens of close calls made by some unheeded White house's officials that almost led into miscalculations or mistakes and ushered a serious consequences and retaliation from the Soviet Union. It also believed that the current situation between U.S and North Korea might go astray, for the reason that Trump administration is lacking a resilient diplomancy in tackling DPRK's nuclear issues.

Let’s remember the danger posed by nuclear wars: One study showed that a single 1-megaton bomb exploded above the city of Detroit for example would cause up to 630,000 deaths and injuries from blast alone. And many of those who escaped death initially would ultimately suffer horrific deaths from the effects of nuclear fallout or burns. In all three of these instances, the decisions made by mental deranged leaders can lead to an imaginable suffering if did not involve a grand design or conscious action. Many people have died due to mistakes which could have been averted. And their likelihood of doing so vastly increases if they are made by erratic, impulsive people who lack self-confidence and a sense of history,people like Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un.

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US President has an official right of most dangerous task in executing critical launch codes to thousands of nuclear weapons
Donald Trump seems to have the emotional maturity of one of those teenagers. And remember that the kids who shoot at each other in a dispute over a girlfriend would be throwing punches rather that shooting bullets if they did not have access to guns. Donald Trump has official control of the nuclear launch codes to thousands of nuclear weapons, and must be sober in mind, soul and emotions to avoid erratic judgement. And the likelihood of a mistake or miscalculation is not simply limited to national leaders alone, but relays on the shoulders of everyone. Once the prime is lifted off from the nuclear bomb, the mistakes or miscalculations scores even hundreds people who are outside of the span and control of national leaders who initially sparked international calamity.

The leadership of the United States should handle the tension with extreme care and learn to understand North Korea' morale aspiration. Of course, Donald Trump has done everything he can to bring tensions to the boiling point. In a world brimming with nuclear weapons, the true national security has little arc to do with whether the president can do a better job slinging insults than the leader of North Korea. It has everything to do with avoiding another horrific war and in particular a nuclear war. The willingness of North Korea to limit its nuclear program has everything to do with the willingness of the United States to give North Korea credible assurance that it will not attack them, nor seek to change their regime. 

Every time Trump escalates military threats he does more to convince them that their only defense is nuclear arms. The North Koreans saw what happened to Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi when he ended his nuclear weapons program, and they don’t want it to happen to them. And, of course, if Trump abandons the Iran Nuclear Agreement, then the North Koreans will be completely convinced that they can’t trust any deal to limit their nuclear program that brokered by the United States. Instead, the United States should use strong economic sanctions to pressure North Korea to the bargaining table and provide an off-ramp for them that guarantees their security the same way the Obama Administration did so effectively with Iran. With the advent of nuclear weapons that are capable of destroying our species, human survival depends on our ability to develop non-violent means of conflict resolution that do not involve war. Like it or not, knowledge and technology will continue to spread. Take a note that North Korean officials always seeking dialogue and trying to reaching out to several Republicans and general American citizen as guest to harmonize relationship between two hostile nations. The US and Pyongyang have a directly communication line through UN which known as "New York Channel" as according to While Klingner who also declined an invitation to travel to Pyongyang. But in many case Washington, often confused or have questions about what the parameters of the policies are, so imagine trying to assess Washington from further away, in Seoul, Tokyo, and Pyongyang.

The only long-term solutions to our survival are strong international agreements to limit and then eliminate the use of that technology to produce nuclear arms at all. And to devise political structures that resolve differences fairly and democratically across the face of the planet. This is not a radical idea. Mainstream leaders like Pope Francis, former Reagan Secretary of State George Shultz, and Clinton Secretary of Defense William Perry have all called for enforceable international agreements to eliminate all nuclear weapons including those owned by the United States,Russia and other contries. In the end, any thing short of that leaves our own security at terrible risk. And those who bluster on about making America “Great Again” by wiping other countries off the face of the earth, are jeopardizing the same security more than anyone else.

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