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An e-bomb detonated at an altitude of 294 miles would affect the entire continental US. What is an e-bomb (electromagnetic bomb)? Is a weap...

A nuclear bomb detonated 19 miles above the earth would affect Kansas and the surrounding states. One detonated at an altitude of 294 miles would affect most of the continental US. The map above shows EMP blast zones (red) of detonations at different altitudes (black numbers)
An e-bomb detonated at an altitude of 294 miles would affect the entire continental US.
What is an e-bomb (electromagnetic bomb)? Is a weapon that uses an intense electromagnetic field to create magnetic pulse energy that affects everything in the surrounding area that use electricity such as computers, street lights, radios, ignition systems in vehicles and disrupt transformers, national power grids. In some demonstrated experiments it can damage equipment and gadgets without even harming humans or destroying buildings directly. In some certain recorded events it has tested that when e-bomb explode at high altitude, it generates both pulse energy and concussive shocks, which in turn create debilitating radioactive waves ranging from none-lethal and deadly. 

The pulse energy disables electronics systems,corrupting computers and even destroy completely electronic hardware and power stations.  Although not directly lethal to human life, an e-bomb would devastate any target that relies upon electricity: Minding the havoc it may propagate against normal lives including military targets and side effects on civilian domains. According to a CBS News report, the United States deployed an experimental e-bomb on March 24, 2003 that was used during Desert Storm II, the invasion of Iraq "Iraqi Freedom" to knock out Iraqi satellite television and broadcast of propaganda.

Psychological Effects

Anyone who experienced a prolonged power outage knows exactly how extremely bad experience is. The psychological effects that will unfold within after a hour of losing electricity in your house include town will work on your nerves. Humans normally developed in-explainable psychological emotions, social de-attachness and phobias whenever their living pasterns suddenly changed. This due to customization and usage of dependable devices and gadgets like cellphones,TVs,Radio and so forth on daily basis. If the electromagnetic attacks occur in just one single hour without electricity, internet and cold water in the fridge, you will start pacing in the house from corner to corner for no apparent reason. 

After few days situation no improvement and no lights, electricity and heater especially in (cold season) plus missing to watch your favorite soapie or no yelling a chant to your Super La-liga, your stress level will begun to shoots through the roof. But in the grand scheme of things, that's nothing. If an outage exacerbate an entire city, and there aren't centers stockup with adequate emergency resources, people may go insane. People will then wandering about the streets in desperation for help. Businesses and companies without electricity or educational institutions that incorporated computer system interfaces for teaching may suffer huge productivity losses and millions of dollars of food may get spoil, in warehouse and depots, in case a power outage hit a larger scale, it could create doomsday to all networks of civic administrations that keep government and military running. 

Utterly we depended on power, and when it's gone, things get very bad, very fast. An e-bomb, is specially designed to  exploit and take advantage of this personal dependency. By simply cutting off power in an area, an e-bomb would actually destroy most machines and later human beings too. Imagine, the power generators that powering factories and mobile industry that earn income from phone calls, and now all network are jammed. In a matter of seconds, an e-bomb big enough could thrust an entire city back 200 years in primitive.  

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How will the military deploy the e-bomb?

Every war has its wonder, and possible the war with the North Koreans too, you are expecting a surprise. Please be prepared to meet the unkown. The e-bomb will most likely be delivered via a missile short range or long range such as ICBM or by an aircraft hovering above the city. 

An aircraft can be specifically designed to achieve this special task of emitting e-bomb from its horse-pit and fly slow over a target (city) and then release a pulse energy in a single blast, it might not be detected at that moment since there wouldn't be no sound from such detonation if the e-bomb was dropped at a high altitude probably more than 450 miles above the ground." The military has interest in zapping of SIGINT facilities that located deep inside the secret bunkers or fortress like (UMBs) Underground Military Bases, which can't be penetrated using thermonuclear weaponry or clust bombs like Mother Of All Bombs/ Father Of All Bombs "Папа всех бомб" . 

E-bomb Effects

The modern electronic warfare would cause a disastrous event that again negate the general welfare of populace, imagine no electricity in hospitals,business and houses. This means no medical care, no food everything will be at stand still. If an EMP knocked out a hospital's electricity, for example, any patient on life support would die immediately. An EMP weapon could also confuse transportation and networks including aircraft to cause catastrophic accidents. In the end, the most far-reaching effect of an e-bomb could be psychological to create nusaince to humans. A full-scale EMP attack in a developed country would instantly bring modern life to a screeching halt. There would be plenty of survivors, but they would find themselves in a very different world if not in asylum emergence room.

In modern warfare, the various levels of electromagnetic attack could accomplish a number of importance in combat missions without racking up many casualties or disclosing the identity of an attacker. 

The ground troops can fire a missile or rocket armed with special ordinance to confuse enemies communication systems including navigation systems, an embedded long or short-range sensor systems EMP weapons, can assigned to infantry or any soldiers who can do this job. Such attack in any combat situation can able to compromise adversary military's ability to organize itself. The heavy reliance on electronic components in today's admin and weaponry makes an e-bomb as most attractive weapon.

History of E-bombs

E-bombs started popping up in headlines only recently, but the concept of EMP weaponry has been around for a long time since the German Nazi. From the 1960s through the 1980s, the United States was most concerned with the possibility of a nuclear EMP attack. The e-bomb concept dates back to the electromagnetic weapons research from late 1950s when Americans tested hydrogen bombs that yielded some surprising results, after the blast over the Pacific Ocean ended up blowing out streetlights in parts of Hawaii, hundreds of miles away. The blast even disrupted radio equipment as far away as Australia as according to the historians. Researchers concluded that the electrical disturbance was due to the Compton effect, theorized by physicist Arthur Compton in 1925. Compton's assertion was that photons of electromagnetic energy could knock loose electrons from atoms with low atomic numbers. In the 1958 test, researchers concluded, the photons from the blast's intense gamma radiation knocked a large number of electrons free from oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere. This flood of electrons interacted with the Earth's magnetic field to create a fluctuating electric current, which induced a powerful magnetic field.

During the cold war, U.S. intelligence feared the Soviet Union would launch e-bombs to detonate it at about 30 miles (50 kilometers) above the United States. They feared that the resulting electromagnetic burst would knock out electrical equipment across the United States. Such an attack (from another nation) is still a possibility. These days, U.S. intelligence is giving non-nuclear EMP devices, such as e-bombs, much more attention. In the United States, most e-bomb research has been carried out at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, where researchers have been exploring the use of high power microwaves (HPM). 


This technology is advanced and expensive and so would be inaccessible to military forces without considerable resources.  Using inexpensive supplies and rudimentary engineering knowledge, a terrorist organization could easily construct a dangerous e-bomb device. In late September 2001, (Popular Mechanics illustratalionpublished an article outlining this possibility.  This sort of e-bomb has a fairly simple, potentially inexpensive design, illustrated below. (This conceptual bomb design comes from this report written by Carlo Kopp, a defense analyst. The design concept has been widely available to the public for some time. However, nobody would be able to construct a functioning e-bomb from this description alone since much information is contained from the internet). The bomb consists of a metal cylinder (called the armature), which is surrounded by a coil of wire (the stator winding). The armature cylinder is filled with high explosive, and a sturdy jacket surrounds the entire device. The stator winding and the armature cylinder are separated by empty space. The bomb also has a power source, such as a bank of capacitors, which can be connected to the stator. Although the devices themselves may be relatively uncomplicated to manufacture , their usage poses a number of problems. To create an effective e-bomb, developers must not only generate an extremely high-powered pulse of energy, but must also find a way to control both the energy which can behave in unpredictable ways. According to most defense analysts' speculations, the e-bomb in development will likely to affect the specific targeted city. The concept behind the e-bomb arose from EMP research in the 1950s. 

North Korea believed to have an EMP capabilities that could be used to scrambles US electronics and power grids.

North Korea Electromagnetic Weaponry

The serious threat about nuclear warfare have overshadowed the most unpublished danger posed by electromagnetic warfare which is very eminent. Military analysis have pondered electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as a strategic weapon. It’s well understood by just few people and largely dismissed in battle planning because military forces and command systems are specified to be far from the danger of EMP. Take a note that North Korea is not a conventional or rational military that might you think could binding to conventional warfare . North Korea earlier on have telegraphed that they are preparing to engage in an asymmetric attack; not against the US military or government, but against the American people themselves.Their apparent weapon of choice is a high energy nuclear bomb designed to deliver an EMP burst from high altitude over the United States mainland, where even air defence system could possible reach. The killing mechanism of such an attack is “elegant” The goal is to burn out a portion of the three hundred or so high voltage transformers that link the US together as an industrial age economy. By burn out, that means causing the melting of the transformer cores rendering them useless. Repairing such damage is pronounced as dearly cumbersome. There is only one plant that manufactures these types transformers in the US and it does not even make the biggest ones needed for the US grid backbone. These have to come from factories in Europe or China and there’s a multi-year backlog for them. North Korea’s announcement that they have developed a hydrogen bomb designed for EMP use, most experts dismissed the danger arguing that North Korea’s weapons were too puny. Remember, one should never underestimate the determination of the DPRK and its military capabilities.