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    Biodefence In 21 Century

    Biocrime is an intentional release of lethal agents like biological, chemical and radioactive. 


    Cap Ferrat
    Bioscientists are conducting underground medical experiments in top-secret lab modifying virus and engineering pathogens.
    Biodefense (Biosecurity) it’s defined as a set of procedures intended to protect humans, animals and the entire living ecosystem against, genetically modified pathogen, manufactured chemical, radiation, toxic agents and deterring unethical scientific activities or highly arsenic materials being disseminated into the living community intentionally by the recklessness of industrial factories or [unknown] enmity elements. Sometimes these crimes could be committed by international conglomerates e.g. drug producing corporate a weapons of masses development researches that conducting a scientific trial on various health scourges like Smallpox, Ebola virus and so forth and pharmaceutical firms with reasons to test new pharmaceutical products for medical trial on the unsuspected populace. Usually, the sinister act is done through NGOs and humanitarian agencies that co-opted with local health programs such as immunizations. In some reported cases such as Caudron and other secretive human experimentation, the medical projects high jacking the endemic disease control system and induce or create a false alarming of the outbreak in the country in order to carryout the assigned missions under the legitimate silhouette.

    The threat in this discussion is a reality, the hostility and intentions of biocrime are beyond the public understanding. The biological threat is not only posed by military forces when deploying deadly pathogens in biological warfare in the territory of the enemies to wage havoc and disastrous causalities. Biodefense education is needed for creating awareness, vigilance, preparation and defense mechanism for the nations from any illicit medical related problems that may hinder the national security direct or indirect.

    Ebola virus
    Military scientists conduct underground research test bioweapon and viral agents. 


    Bioterrorism: Is usually an act of deliberate release of viruses of epidemic diseases, harmful toxins, chemicals, bacterial contagious agents, or other germs to cause mysterious illness or death in people, animals and plants. This oftentimes reflects some hostility or simple just medical notoriety in order to steer health problems in a specific region or certain country and it may generate public panic which will lead to civil unrest and political subversion against national leadership when the health system in the country collapsed.

    In the twenty-first century, the rest of the world have experienced shocks, crises, and fears emanating from various haunting bio-assassinations like the one happened in the board day-light at Malaysian International Airport the murdering of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-Nam last year has become the reference point for authorities including the police in dealing with bioterrorism threats. These kinds of events really define our turbulent times we are in.  This is a troubling moment shrouded with top-secret biochemical experimentation that pressing dangers to human beings and the entire ecosystem facing unfathomable threats ushered by undisclosed bio-chemical weapon projects, bioterrorism, and misuses of science and technology. 

    The Bio-threat is additional to cybersecurity that also stalking on our daily activities. The new threat imparted by infectious diseases like Hepatitis E outbreak in Namibia and genetically engineered GMOs plus pathogens pose a great uncertainty to humans’ lives and challenge to national security. Experts argue that military forces should adapt to new fundamental policy changes if they could patch a vulnerable gap that exists between security and health to safeguarding nations. Biodefence in military plus biosurveillance system in a country is necessitated for forming a Bionetwork to supervising on unethical scientific activities and possible entry routes at cross-border and airport terminals. The double-edged problem unleashed by biotechnology has once again raised a serious concern that needs some fresh rethinking in redesigning the national security modalities to enable mitigating and deterring the threat posed by biocrimes and pharmaceutical corporates who may pursue scientific advances to test their new products on innocent people.

    Medical Test & Human As Guinea Pings

    The Medical advance and breakthrough are very important to save lives, but sometimes scientists use this loophole to push the science as consequence violate the normal ethics. For instance, the U.S. government issued a formal apology to Guatemala's prisoners for experiments done there since 1940s that involved infecting prisoners and individuals with mental illnesses,syphilis and different substances to test treatments for infectious diseases and chemical warfare. The Guatemala project is just one of many terrible experiments done in the name of medicine. These ethical lapses are committed by some people surely knew what they're doing, purely, they're evil. 

    Like all pharmaceutical companies in the legal drug trade, needed to test new drugs before releasing them onto the market. While other companies tested their new drugs mostly on rats, mice and monkeys, KaizerSimonsKovak (KSK) had the advantage of being able to test them on humans. No any KSK employee, or anyone in the supply line, was aware of that, however. All testing was contracted by another front corporate which was not dealing directly with medicines, of course its modus operandi was far from legal scrutiny and multifaceted. On May 14, 2013, a German news magazine Der Spiegel published an article to exposure about international drug companies conducting illegal tests on impoverished population in India and other places. 

    The article stated, “The practice is forbidden, but the use of subcontractors makes it difficult to detect”. In 2008, it was officially revealed that over a two-and-a- half-year period conducting its secret medical testing through All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), 49 babies. Such experimentation is in direct violation of the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki adopted in 1964, which requires subjects in tests to be protected from all forms of unethical practices. However, in the AIIMS scandal the accused international drug manufacturers denied all responsibility for, or even any involvement in, the tests on the babies. There is tendency of these multinational companies and eugenicists who running those secret projects assigning their adwares to someone working under humanitarian aid,philanthropists, United Nations's programs like the Polio and other immunization health campaigns to avert detection.  

    Ombudsman J. Walters incited the Legal Assistance Centre over vaccine deaths: 2016

    Agents And Categories

    Bio-agents can be classified into three categories, depending on their chosen degrees of lethargic, efficiency, volatility and sensitivity. Category (A) agents are considered the highest lethal; Category (B) and (C) agents are those that are considered with moderated emerging threats for death which suitable for incapacitation. 

    Germs: Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and (pests). 

    Philosophy of Bioterrorism: The main motive of bioterrorism is: '' To kills just a few so that can hurt many to scare everyone'' Bioterrorism Strategies: (1) Induce fear; (2) Disrupt the social order; (3) Create health panic; (4) Disrupt country' economy through medical isolation; (5) Coerced a government or state to certain ideologies; (6) Execute a natural-like death for scientific assassination of key political leaders.

    During wartime military can resort to any means destructive to render enemy complete annihilation. 


    Are we prepared? Of course not! The problems ushered by the threat of bioterrorism and the complexities of natural disease and unexplainable epidemics have weaved together to form an interdependent policy challenge of which mankind has never experienced before. The threats of genetically modified plagues have the potential to disrupt the normal functioning of any society. A simple bio-attacks that just infect negligibly people, but you don't know the source could have a profoundly destabilizing psychological effect on entire nations. A biosecurity countermeasure or a unit that specialized in Chemical Nuclear Biological Radiation (CNBRs) in military is highly needed to carry out various procedures which are dedicated for inspection, monitoring, safeguarding the nations and ensure a Biodefence for the state and as well as for soldiers during peacetime and wartime, from any threat of possible viral, chemical, toxic or bacterial infection that may come as result of conventional or unconventional use of biological weapons and etc.


    It is defined as a responsive manoeuvre performed routinely for the general precautions, awareness and preparation on offensive or defensive against any possible biochemical or biological attack. The biodefense is a domain that falls beyond civilian settings.

    Biodrill: It defined as military activities done in manoeuvrable conduct in demonstrating some realistic simulations when testing pathogens and tactics that might be used in the event of the bioterrorism attack or conventional biochemical warfare. The main reason for soldiers to carry out constant drill is to seek a quantitatively answer to the critical questions pertaining to what might happen in the actual situation when facing enemies who armed with bioweapons or quelling insurgencies that deploying malicious agents to inflict intimidation and terror in the country.

    Military biochemical units will rapidly respond to any biological or chemical warfare by deploying required biomaneuvering strategies or equipping the skills to members of security services to help combat bio-assault, assisting civilian with decontamination process or accessing alleged bioterrorism threat in the country. An established national biodefense platform which comprises some elements from the military and civilian domain will afford to develop some good technical applications, example autonomous biosensors and monitoring technologies that spot germs in advance before inflicting sickness in humans.

    Medical intelligence (MEDINT) is a specialized field that focuses on analyzing, forecasting, deterring, collecting and reporting on medical problems internally or externally. The monitoring activities of MEDINT include the suppression of Drug and narcotics. Hence, African states are advised to invest in hard-core laboratories, biosurveillance system and in general vigilance which necessary to produce a dual capabilities required to protect humans, animals and shield our ecosystem against possible intentional infections,GMOs and cross-borders’ infectious diseases. The argument is advocating for "Biosecurity'' as awareness. The act of bioterrorism is not only a national threat but an international problem which is very critical because majority policymakers really don't have a clue what is biosecurity and the measures to take forth. It is very difficult if someone proposing the sensitive ideas where African policymakers, sometimes have no understanding. It can draw skepticism because many of our leaders are none-scientific let alone majority really knew only the game of politics which is a blind-spot of whole complexity scathe of modern biochemical warfare and GMOs. We should always be reminded by the events like the Agenda of depopulate the Third World which regarded a breeding ground of unwanted genes/races. Who knows whether listeriosis outbreak was scientifically synthesized at the factory operated by Enterprise Foods in Polokwane in Limpopo. There are varied sources conformed that the South Africa’s multinational company, Tiger food factories was behind listeria outbreak that killed several people and spread in some Sub-Saharan countries include Namibia in early 2017.  This event represents some serious obscurities of which risks are unfolding in our naked eyes and still not yet well understood. Policymakers in the third-world like Africa they might ignore the vigilance stressed in this article at their own peril. 

    • Bio-network
    • Epidemiology
    • Medical Inspection
    • Medical Intelligence

    UN Conventions

    The Geneva Convention of 1975 on bioweapons, is the only official protocol in dealing with the problems of biocrimes and unethical human experimentation, in fact the treaty is ineffective in controlling the proliferation of bioweapons due to lack of formal controlling platforms, because some nations hide their bioweaponry programs under umbrella of pharmaceutic researches, which makes extremely hard to differential between bioweapon from a normal drug. A bioweapon, while it is at its prime stage of development, can’t be identified since such particular bioproduct is a very helpful just like a normal drug with a positive contribution to the medical health society, but again with little further processing, it can become a killing agent. Another serious concern is that rebels and terrorists, they don’t follow or abide by international rules on the development and use of biological weapons, so this is worth for a heed.

    This article originally was written by the blog editor from his journal of Biodefence, the first edition. 

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