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    Trump Tiptoeing On President Cyril Ramaphosa

    President Ramaphosa amid land problem that sooted by rhetorics and instability spectre.
    The returning of indigenous land from the South African white minority (Afrikkanners) without compensation. President Ramaphosa when he took office in Feb 2018 has radicalized the move to confiscate white farmers' land and hand them to the black people. 
    This has alerted the international community since some whites were crying foul to be repatriated on fast-visa to Australia and other European countries following EFF' leader Julius Malema and ANC called for a legal amendment that allows land redistribution to the landless masses. 
    President Trump personally following a story cooked-up by ''Tucker Carlson'' of Fox News about South Africa land redistribution plan to give the land to landless indigenous people. This has raised concerns that the U.S. might target South Africa government with possible sanctions like they did to other nations such as Iran. The South African economy is already under constant pressure arisen from indirect trading embargoes and aluminium-steel tariffs imposed by the US on almost South Africa's major trading partners like China, Russia, Venezuela, Turkey and others. Another direct blow on the South African economy which is already clipping; this may result in a catastrophic chaos that will harm both blacks, whites and affect the whole region. 

    I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews

    Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu has described the tweet by US President Donald Trump on land expropriation without compensation as "unfortunate". Sisulu said in a statement Trump's tweet was "based on false information"‚ adding that she would meet the US ambassador to SA to seek clarification on the matter. 

    This was after Trump caused a firestorm on social media when he tweeted he had instructed his secretary of state to look closely at “South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and large-scale killing of farmers". "The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation‚ Ms Lindiwe Sisulu‚ has noted the unfortunate comments on Twitter by the President of the United States of America‚ H.E. Donald J. Trump‚ on land redistribution and crime‚” said a statement by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation. "It is regrettable that the tweet is based on false information. The Minister has thus instructed the Department to meet with the US Embassy in Pretoria to seek clarification on the matter.”

    South Africa totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation and reminds us of our colonial past. @realDonaldTrump @PresidencyZA

    Land issues in South Africa

    ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe sparked panic last week when he said: “You shouldn’t own more than 25,000 acres of land. Therefore, if you own more it should be taken without compensation.” “People who are privileged never give away privilege as a matter of a gift,” he continued. “And that is why we say, to give you the tools, revisit the constitution so that you have a legal tool to do it.”

    EFF leader Julius Malema on Donald Trump at media briefing.
    EFF leader Julius Malema narrated in the video briefing that the capitalistic system will come up with issues of ''tittle deeds'' which is just a paper given to the poor people in lieu of the land ownership and later the bank or anyone else will retake the land from poor people with money exchange money.  

    Mantashe comments were condemned by both white and black farmers, with unions predicting such a move would lead to job losses and a situation in which South Africa may no longer be able to feed itself. Omri van Zyl, head of the Agri SA union, which represents mainly white commercial farmers, said:“The mood among our members is very solemn. They are confused about the lack of any apparent strategy from the government and many are panicking. So many farms are up for sale, more than we’ve ever had, but no one is buying.” “Why would you buy a farm to know the government’s going to take it?”
    The National African Farmers’ Union (Nafu), which represents the country’s black farmers, said the scheme would lead to job losses. Nafu president Motsepe Matlala said: “From a practical and economical point of view it will not work.” “Land will be a central issue in the looming 2019 election year, and rhetoric is always easier than transformative action.” AfriForum, an influential lobby group, recently warned the government its plans would be “catastrophic”. Ian Cameron, the group’s spokesman, said: “We’re really heading for a state of anarchy if something doesn’t change drastically.”
    But other proponents supporting that the genuine land reform needs a shift in the country’s approach to urban land redistribution: it can’t be seen simply in terms of its market value and its potential for profit. There’s also the real possibility of the land debate being hijacked for political scores or elite gains rather than a genuinely re-distributive agenda for poor and working-class, especially the young people.

    If President Cyril Ramaphosa’s commitments are genuine, the government needs to move beyond rhetorics and start countering the fear mongering and instability spectre ushered by the land issues. 

    Gavin Petersen If the ANC is so transparent with this land reform policy, why were they in full damage control mode after the Trumpet blew his horn?!



    George Baraka Mbembela Let's do away with the brats. 
    Let us agree to face life with its reality.

    Brian Aha Burton Don’t allow yourself ya be bullied, to hell with trump.


    Philip Kotze If they are so transparent they can tell us where 800 billion went in state capture.

    Mpundu Mwaba But what is wrong with trump

    Kevin Mensa Bonsu Fuck the US, when will African leaders have the balls to put sanctions on the west ?
    Stop the Coco, the gold the rubber, iron ore and all the stuff the west can't live without.


    Banya Samakai This is always the politics that African countries are subjected to in the hands of the western powers

    Ibrahim Dosty Maybe, out of ignorance he might impose sanction to set the motion for a total black ownership of lands in South Africa.Trump.

    Mapeyi Mapeyi Eish..jah..American parliament need to impeach this thing called Tramp..he is causing chaos..but as South Africans and Africa as a whole, we've been trough hard times so this one shall pass too..Tramp or no Tramp..

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    Pombili PK Kapombi That’s sure is creation of BRICKS revenge.

    Charles Fanon But whites will pay dearly and more. Its the cycle of post colonialism. Oh well...

    Bheki Chris Khumalo This American rasist need to be retired longtime ago and sent kept in a single cell, those days are gone and we r not asking to breath from ( Neo- Liberal) stealing and robbing African economy on the daylight

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    Hein Van Amalia I personally react to farm attacks and the last few years i have responded to over 30 farm attacks. I wish everyone denying the farm attacks could see what i have seen. I really really wish that.

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    Hans J. Henckert Like Namibia, South Africa is bound by multilateral agreements entered into by the ANC government, that are in international jurisdiction ranked higher than any change of constitution afterward. If Ramaphosa breaks them, he will break the neck of ZA. Check what happened with Turkey and its currency two weeks ago, within a week from entering into confrontation with the USA. Also, there were never formal sanctions against Zimbabwe, purely the fact that nobody lends money to a thief broke Mugabe´s back. Afterward they had monopoly money nobody would sell them anything for. South Africa helped him, but today itself is financially crippled and dependant on foreign lending of money. Mandela made sure that his legacy is not wrecked by the criminals heading the ANC. He was the one entering into the international agreements.

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    1. I like your work and your line of thinking, E. A. Nambili.


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