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    The Power Stone Of Kwanyamas

    This chronicle documentary probes the journey of a sacred stone of Kwanyama kingdom.
    This chronicle story is constructed from a cultural research done between the Finnish Mission Museum and Namibia Scientific Society in probing the journey of some sacred artifacts of Africans specifically the power stone of the Kwanyama people. For centuries since King Shitehnu the founder of this sacred symbol of the royal family that has been passed down from generations to generations. I should assert that (Emanya loMundilo Woshilongo shauKwanyama) was an extraordinary mystical object that evokes benevolence energy believed to transverse good governance, stability, prosperity for the kingdom and acting as spiritual medium connecting the livings with the departed world of our ancestral spirits (Aakwamungu).  This sacred power stone of Oukwanyama has vanished from the hands of the owners, for more than five decades. 

    From 1710s the kingdom of Oukwanyama was one single bloc, but today Kwanyama kingdom has been divided by the two countries (Angola in the north and then Namibia in the south) this political separation has left many Kwanyama ethnic group being constitutionalized into two demographic sections (The Angolans and Namibians ) although literally, they remained as one and still speaking one dialect language. I should assert that the people who suffered most at the hand of so-called  "Border War" a multi-decade conflict, which was the third-largest tussle during Cold War of the 1990s, after the Korean and Vietnam wars in 1950s. Many innocent Kwanyamas have became victims in the cross-fire during the battles of national resistance that fought across Angolan-Namibian border, in a distinctive dominion of the Oukwanyama's territory.    

    Mandume's palace at Oihole was sacked by the rival power following his death in 1917: In safekeeping, the sacred regal of Oukwanyama include its power stone from falling into the hands of the aliens, the Queen Nyambali, the great aunt of Mandume she secretly smuggled the power stone from Namibia to Oyiheke in Angola. After some years Vilho Kaulinge visited her in Angola, and she gave the stone to him because of the wary situation becomingly in Angola at that time. Later the power stone handed over to Errick Laumma the Headmaster of Lutheran Church in Ovamboland in 1910s who then shipped out the power stone to Finland. It stayed there for more than 50 years. In 1990 when the country got independence the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission decided to repatriate the power stone back to Namibia. 
    The memories are echoing our common historical legacy, artefact, norms, legends and myths shall be preserved as an aural record for the future generations.

    Political Significance

    All kings in Oukwanyama ascending on power were made to step their right foot on the Power Stone. The Founding Father, Sam Nujoma one time he also stepped on the power stone, of Oukwanyama during its welcoming from overseas where it was kept and possibly defiled its power by the churches, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM).  

    The cosmologists and the experts who studied paranormal objects which related to horoscopes and astra fourth dimensions have pointed out that among the meteorites ( space debris) that fell from space some are fully charged with natural magnetism.  Experts in occult science also noted that these strange celestial objects their impacting on Earth is ever pervading here and there on the planet. Due to the plethora of information extracted from an oral traditional record, I must assert that the supernatural force possessed by this power stone can't be explained by the law of physics or science nor either defined by the limitation of religious dogmas. The supernatural force is a mother law that rule the whole universe and effecting the creation and this law of nature governs every matter on this planet Earth. Of course there are law of nature which are not only invisible to our senses, but also propagates beyond human's understanding and logic.

    White people (Suomi) knew very well the mysticism of the creation, and by removing the objects from the native people who believed in their traditional beliefs as an indefinitely power, this was only way to disarm people and alienate them from cultural idioms, thus could be easier to convert the people to a monotheism of a white's man.  There are several accounts in Ovambo communities where religious persecution was carried out against the local people who were still stick to their ancient ways of doing things, many were labelled as witches as a result they burnt alive. There are many claims that the power stone of Oukwanyama is part of witchcraft that possessed by the demon, the church was always seeking opportunity to confiscate the traditional regal of the indigenous people in its guest to decentigrade the ancient belief and norms of the African people. We have condemned our own culture by terming it as paganism and allowed the churches to perform spiritual purification by defiling our natural silver-coating mechanism through exorcism (Exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that are believed to be possessed). 

    How the power stone discovered?

    The Power Stone of Oukwanyama estimated to be in existence before 1600s.  According to Oukwanyama history that being told in folklores and communicated via orals such as songs, poems,psychic channeling and incantations.  The Power Stone was spotted by a royal woman, a sibling of King Shitenhu the first king who ruled Oukwanyama around (the 1500s). 

    The one who discovered the power stone was a woman, and this contradicts the verse in the documentary video that depicting a men drinking water when he spotted the power stone.  According to Me Mukwanime Joshua Mafange yaKanapo who born in 1920 and passed on 2009. Me Mukwanime she grew up very close with Oukwanyama royal family and her father Joshua Kanapo was a senior-elder council and headman of Embwinda, a village in southern Angola.  Mekwanime relayed the oral history of a woman who went to fetch water and upon reached the pond she stumbled into an object in the mid of the water, which later identified as a power stone.  

    As according to her testimony the woman was amazed by such a spectacular objects, she extended her two hands to grab the object, which was not so heavy and when she touches it.  Startlingly, she felt the vibration spread from her hands to the entire body. In the sock of awe, she drop the object, jumped out of the pond and ran away straight to the palace, to report about the strange thing in the pond. The people came and took the object, still the object was vibrating if a person touches it.

    The object was taken to the palace, and the elders of Oukwanyama royal council summoned all (Namungangas) who later concluded that the object was a ''falling star'' from outer world. In Me Mumukwani description actually, nobody knew what type of object it was, since it was not an ordinary rock, some people said it was possessed by unknown force akin to the ancestral spirits  (Eemepo dakwamungu).  Throughout the course of time the object proved itself to have magic power, such believes exacerbated the concepts that all falling meteorites could be a sacred objects by defacto in many communities of Ovambo, particularly Oukwanyama, Ondonga, Ombalantu and other tribes who were also possessed similar objects. 

    Sacrifices and Anointment

    According to the ancient rituals of Oukwanyama kingdom, the power stone always placed at the centre of the kingdom and was believed to have a direct correlation with the wellbeing of the entire kingdom. If the stone is found tilted to any ever side that means the kingdom is in grave danger. So, a ritual is always consecrated to put the stone in its harmonious orbital position. During this ritual performance the king will send a black cow or ox to a "Namunganga" that guards the power stone, the animal will be slaughtered and its fresh blood smeared on it, this special anointment recharge the power stone and then will allowi it to be set in an upright position, and ward off misfortune. Generation after generation people performed exactly same rituals, until the era of Mandume ya Ndemufayo, which saw the end of Kwanyama's superiority. 

    There are several speculations that the ritual of the power stone was sojourned by human sacrifices, however, this part is not entirely supported by the Oukwanyama oral history. Although, we share a belief that human sacrifices were part of some ritual especially for seeking personal wealth (Okulya Oomanghungu ) and rainmaking ceremonies at ''Outunu'', closer to the bank of Kunene river in Evale region, where Oumuthiladula (casted person) offered for sacrifice to Kalunga-Kanangombe naPamba.  

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