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    China Unveiled A Militaristic Bending Gun

    Chinese SWAT police demonstrating a 'bent gun' at an office in Shanghai a type of weapon that allows them to check the situation and neutralise threats around corners./Getty Images.
    China has showcased some of their most impressive militaristic art the “super weapons”, in revealing a 'bent gun' that can effectively shoot around the corners without exposing marksmen to a counterattack from the target. The new weapon is used for the suppression of terrorism,urban fighting,close combat in the case of hostages, pursuing or arresting dangerous criminals.

    The device contains a high-quality camera, and a screen to display the lively image of the target, and can be corrected at an angle of 60 degrees and sometimes even less.  The weapon was designed and developed by Chongqing Changing Machinery Co and Shanghai Sea Shield Technologies along with Amos Golan for the Israel Defense Forces, in cooperation with other international security designers.

    The device on the gun contains a high-quality camera, and a screen for displaying the lively image of the target, and can be corrected at an angle of 60 degrees and sometimes even less.
    The Euefeng Special Operation Brigade showcased two top marksmen and weapons on a TV show entitled “Who is the Ultimate Hero’ earlier this month. The soldiers engaged in a shooting competition using a variety of different firearms including a bending gun that allows the marksmen to shoot at any obscured target. The “Super weapon” seemingly has a pistol attached to its head that allows the front of the gun to swivel around corners, the marksmen is then able to look at a monitor-screen connected to a camera beneath the gun before firing.

    China has lap up its military forces by equipping it with most advanced weapon systems including Electromagnetic weapons, a Pentagon report warned last week. The report claimed that the country had developed leading technologies in naval forces, missiles and hypersonic weapons. A Commander from the Xuefeng Special Operation Brigade said the assault rifle can launch one grenade every three seconds, the pistol can help armies fight the enemy in small alleyways and the deceptive pistol that appearing as a knife can be loaded with four bullets. China has some of the world's most

    Last month, a Chinese state-run arms manufacturer released a video of the country's “super bomb”, which was developed to rival America's “Mother of All Bombs” The President Xi Jinping has put a stronger emphasis on a combat-ready army since coming into power in 2012. In 2017 during a military parade, the Chinese President touted the need to build a “world-class’ army capable of “defeating all invading enemies.”

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