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    Is Biotechnology Messing With God’s Plan For The Creation?

    Animals Engineering for Human Health Application is required for many purposes.  
     According to the Pew Research Center' survey conduced on May 2018 found that most average people accept Genetic Engineering of Animals that have benefits to Human Health and general survival, but some still oppose the uses of Genetic Engineering especially where animal is involved, their reactions are neither uniformly or indecisively; public reactions vary depending on the mechanism and intended purpose of the technology, particularly the extent to which it would bring health benefits to humans. 

    This case study presented with five different scenarios of animal genetic engineering that are currently available, in development or considered possible in the future, people in United States majority support only for the biotechnology applications that have clear potential to pre-empt or ameliorate human illness. The survey was conducted in US participated by several people of different groups and fundamental beliefs most widely accepted use of genetic intervention of animals involves mosquitoes. About 70% Americans believed that genetically engineering done on mosquitoes to prevent their reproduction and the spread of mosquito-borne diseases would be an appropriate usage of biotechnology, while about 29% see the use of genetic engineering for this purpose as taking technology too far. 

    And a 57% majority considers it appropriate to genetically engineer animals to grow organs or tissues that could be used for humans needs like clinical transplant. But other uses of animal biotechnology are less acceptable to the public, including the creation of more nutritious meat for human consumption (43% say this is appropriate) or restoring an extinct animal species from a closely related species (32% say this is appropriate). The application is already commercially available of such but largely met with resistance: Just 21% of people consider it an appropriate use of technology to genetically engineer aquarium fish to glow using a fluorescence gene, while 77% say this is a pushing of science at extreme limit.

    The findings from a survey, nationally represented some sample from U.S. adults who commented their views about genetic engineering of animals.  Although most people are largely in agreement that using genetic engineering for appropriate reasons is needed. However, views differ by gender, levels of science knowledge as well as religious belief. See the report. [ READ MORE ]

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