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    Namibia To Close Border With Zambia Due To Violence

     Katima Mulilo border in Sesheke is one of the busiest frontier-routes to the Seaport in Walvis Bay.
    There is a serious concern being experienced in a neighboring country, Zambia. And Namibia may choose to close the border with Zambia due to the escalating violence in Sesheke. All trucks from both sides of the border have already been parked stationary. Katima Mulilo border in Sesheke is one of the busiest frontiers as that is the main route to the most vital Seaport in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Most cargoes transported such as copper from Zambia passes through Katima Mulilo before ferrying to the international market overseas.

    Katima Border Control (Wanela) is situated between Namibia and Zambia. The nearest town to this border is Katima Mulilo. Payment for good clearance at the checkpoint can be done in Namibian Dollars, South African Rand or Pula.

          The transportation through Sesheke is blocked, an entry in Zambia via Katima Border Control.
    The violence that has erupted in the area, apparently, Sesheke residents are now fighting back!  According to sources, the PF thugs who armed with the guns are abducting United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters and causing sabotage like blocking the accessing to public roads. ''As you can see this thug can’t be a police officer''. Insider sources in the area have shown masquerading members wearing security force uniforms in the company of DF thugs while brutalizing citizens and stopping truck drivers in those areas.  

    Zambia’s opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, has accused the country’s president, Edgar Lungu, of trying to kill him. Hichilema, 56, warned that the international community’s failure to act on state-sponsored violence in Zimbabwe is encouraging other African regimes to crack down on opponents. The opposition leader said he was holding a rally on Friday in Sesheke, southwest Zambia when police and activists from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) opened fire.

    One Sesheke resident commented that '' It's being cowardice making all these appealing statements when you know very well that its the “ugly davis mwila” who has taken his thugs to sesheke. Sesheke residents on their own are never violent. It's the “imported” thugs paid by PF who are terrorizing local residents'' in order to fix blame on another party.  

    President Edgar Lungu orders police to kick UPND President Hakainde Hichilema out of Sesheke and start hunting his whereabouts and have him arrested. As Kapyongo tells the police to search people leaving and entering Zambia through Namibia. The authority also suggesting the possibility of imposing a curfew.

    Security sources have revealed that Lungu wants HH arrested and be bundled out of Sesheke Constituency. It believed that whole operation is being commanded by the thug running the Ministry of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, who yesterday revealed plans to arrest Mr. Hichilema. They are planning to slap Hichilema with some yet to be decided offenses related to the Sesheke incidents. Lungu did not want Mr. Hichilema to do any campaigns in the upcoming bye-election in Sesheke Constituency. But what has annoyed the PF thugs is that the residents of Sesheke Constituency have completely rejected them. We understand Sesheke residents will fight back.   Previously, UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has complained that the ugly PF violence under President Edgar Lungu’s leadership has once again been experienced in the usually peaceful Sesheke Constituency, in Western Province.

    According to Patriotic Front Media Director, Sunday Chanda said the recent violence characterizing the Sesheke campaigns shows that the UPND is a violent party. Mr. Chanda says the opposition political party cannot win an election without employing tactics of violence. He said he is aware that Mr. Hichilema is looking for a platform to project an image that Zambia is ungovernable and is seeing lawlessness.

    The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has warned that it may disqualify candidates that may flout the Electoral Code of Conduct in the Sesheke. ECZ Public relations manager Margaret Chimanse said in a statement that the Sesheke by-election will go on as scheduled. “The Commission wishes to remind political parties and their candidates that it will not hesitate to disqualify any offenders who may contravene the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016, if the situation degenerates any further,” Chimanse said.

    Furthermore, the Commission wishes to appeal to the media, particularly social media, on the need to report accurately in order to avoid alarming the general public.  Chimanse urged the police to be professional in their way of conduct their duties while maintaining the situation.

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