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    Namibians And Zambian Arrested In Zimbabwe

    Police raid the house and arrested 4 MRP members, 3 foreigners from Namibia and Zambia.
    Police in Bulawayo on Friday, raided the secret meeting conducted in the house at Cowdray Park suburb with a prayer as a disguise.  The security officers arrested four members of the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) and three foreigners who were reportedly attending a prayer meeting. The house belongs to Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP), a political cessationist movement in Zimbabwe. 

    The arrested three people believed to be two political activists from Namibia and one from Zambia who had visited the leadership of the movement. In a statement on Saturday MRP said, "The policemen who numbered above ten pounced on Henry Dube's house and arrested him while demanding to see the foreigners who had come for a meeting. "In Dube's house was the MRP spokesperson Njabulo Ngwenya and Mxolisi Mhlanga were arrested together with the three foreigners.

    The police officers, who suspiciously belonged to the same ethnic group that seeking to party away from the country were very rough and in an aggressive mood. They bundled them in a police van and took them to the notorious Bulawayo Central Police CID Law and Order department. On arrival, the six were subjected to endless interrogations on the suspicions about the presence of foreign nationals in Zimbabwe." "The MRP leaders were the first to be freed while the visiting foreign nationals were kept until 8pm. 

    They were eventually freed after failure by authorities to find any immigration irregularities in the process of their entry." The activists were represented by Mrs Nikiwe Tshabalala of Ncube- Tshabalala Attorneys.

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