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    Namibia Has No Plan To Evacuate 106 Students Living In Wuhan

    Namibian students in Wuhan, China.
    WINDHOEK – Namibian Ambassador to China Elia Kaiyamo yesterday said there were still no plans to evacuate at least 40 Namibian students from Wuhan, the city at the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. The virus has claimed the lives of at least 106 people as at yesterday late afternoon. “Namibia has no intention for now to evacuate anyone of our nationals,” Kaiyamo said.

    Several countries, including the United States, Japan, Mongolia and France have already started plans to evacuate their citizens from the Chinese city. Kaiyamo advised Namibians to stay indoors and follow the precautions Chinese health authorities are prescribing against the coronavirus that to date has affected 4 515 people of which 976 are considered severe. China is describing the new virus as a type of coronavirus that causes pneumonia.

    Meanwhile, neighboring South African Department for International Relations and Cooperation on Sunday issued a set of guidelines for South African citizens in China. The department has asked students studying in China to inform the government about any plans they have to come back home. Abandoning a bursary or scholarship - no matter the circumstances - can land a student in trouble. For other South African nationals in the country, they have been told to inform the South African embassy if they contract the illness.

    “South African students in China need to adhere to instructions issued by the university. If you want to return home, you or your parents should contact the bursars or sponsors. Please be advised that leaving the university for SA without permission can have far reaching consequences,” the department said. “SA citizens in China with flu symptoms should report to a hospital in their area of residence. If diagnosed with the virus please inform the South African embassy.

    Public health authorities will likely inform the embassy too. At this stage, no SA citizens have been diagnosed with the virus.” The 2019 coronavirus outbreak has been linked to a local market selling chicken, cats, marmots and other wild animals, as well as seafood that has been closed since 1 January 2020 for cleaning and disinfection. The virus has spread to other countries as well, including Japan, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, USA, Australia and Mexico.

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