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    The H2O Machine or Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a simple, cost effective, and economical way to cultivate clean high-quality drinking water from air at your fingertips. Extract water right from the air. Roughly over a third of the planet’s water that is suspended in the air is available, and all around us. Having the ability to generate water at 10 to over 100 gallons a day, while being able to monitor it from your smartphone from virtually anywhere has never been so simple. From small homes to entire countries, the application of the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) WG is endless and has never been so affordable.

    How is this possible?

    The Atmospheric Water Generator harnesses the humidity in the air and generates clean high-quality drinking water at pennies to the gallon. The higher the humidity the higher the output. Using a one of a kind state-of-the-art process the H2O Machines quiet, low energy motor works behind the scenes ensuring your tank is always filled.
    Is the water clean?

    The H2O Machine is uniquely different. It does not only simply create water from air, the machine’s storage uses a proprietary 5 stage filtration system as it dispenses the water, ensuring you nothing but the best for years to come.

    Is it really that simple?

    It is. If you can use a cell phone you can use the H2O Machine. From monitoring the storage tank levels, the humidity levels, or just to turn the unit on or off requires little to no skill at all. Our simple, easy to use application can be downloaded directly to your smart device which gives you full control. We also have a team standing by to answer questions you may have; no waiting on hold, real life U.S. based support.
     Understanding the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)

    Understanding how the Atmospheric Water Generator works can be quite confusing. Just like a refrigerator, there are many processes and events that take place behind the scenes prior to collecting the water from it. However, rest assured it is as easy as collecting water from your fridge.
    The package comes with everything you need to get set up and consist of two parts; the storage/dispenser unit and the collector itself.

    The H2O Machine uses a unique proprietary process which advances the efficiency and effectiveness of the extraction of water from air through atmospheric condensation. During this, water is pumped into the storage tank that is under pressure which along the way goes through the 5-stage filtration system. Built into the machine are a variety of sensors that allow you to monitor everything right from your smartphone with immediate response as if you were flicking a light switch. As a result you can achieve high quality drinking water at pennies to the gallon virtually anywhere with a decent humidity.

    • The H2O Machine is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. 
    • It is then condensed on a cooled surface where it is being prepared to be accessible. 
    • The result is drinkable, stored water to keep you hydrated and living a healthy life.
    Do you think that a machine that can pull water from the air was still in the realm of science fiction? Well, you’re mistaken. Read on to learn more about industrial and domestic water creator machines available today and the benefits these appliances provide.We live on this beautiful blue planet we call Earth where life is supported by water. Life on Earth would be non-existent without water. It is not just the availability of water that matters, but to live long lives we need pure water. It is indeed true that life revolves around water. The problem is that humans are using the planet’s clean water supply at a rate that is simply unsustainable. We’ve gone to great lengths to pollute most of the sources of fresh water available. If nothing will be done to enhance water conservation measures, water will soon be a world wide security issue.

    Declining Quality of Tap Water 

    What makes matters even worse is the quality of water we consume every day. Most cities feed us with recycled water. The water in your tap could just be sewage recycled water a few days before. Studies show that hospitals and other health facilities flush down the drain close to 250 million pounds of waste including prescription drugs each year. The waste, in liquid form, is then recycled and fed into our taps at home. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) ran a series of more than 22 million tap water quality tests. Which caused found 260 different types of contaminants in public water sources.

    The EPA does not have health-based limitations on 141 of the 260 contaminants EWG found in public water supplies. The contaminated water is fed to over 190 million individuals across 42 states countrywide. Which is causing over 900,000 cases of water-related illnesses and 900 deaths. EWG states that the number keeps increasing drastically each year. The declining quality of public water supplies makes it necessary to find safer alternatives for creating pure water.

    Dwindling Fresh Water Supplies 

    The world is facing a major challenge regarding dwindling sources of fresh water. In an award winning documentary film titled Flow, Irena Salina reveals some shocking issues about this precious resource. The documentary covers some of the most serious issues about the declining quality and supplies of water due to human activities. There is a huge volume of fresh water used for agricultural and industrial activities. Also, day-to-day consumption. More than 6.5 billion inhabitants of the planet have created a severe shortage of fresh water in parts of the world. The problem keeps growing with each passing day worldwide. To make matters even worse, most of the available sources of clean freshwater are being contaminated and polluted. This is happening at a scary rate.

    All because we continue dumping all sorts of contaminants and pollutants into streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Harsh chemicals, metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, and all sorts of filth are dumped into these fresh water sources every day. It is no surprise why more a large percentage of hospital beds occupants across the globe suffer from water-borne diseases or illnesses caused by poor hygiene, bad sanitation, and lack of sufficient access to safe drinking water.

    Water Creator Thankfully, it is now possible for everyone to play a small part in conserving water by creating water literally from the air we breathe. Yes, you can create water from thin air using a machine called an Atmospheric Water Generator, which is a water creator from the air. The machine extracts water from the air to give you 100% pure clean water anytime you want. You won’t need to buy bottled water or risk drinking contaminated tap water any longer if you have an Atmospheric Water Generator at home.

    How Does The Atmospheric Water Generator Work? 

    The H2O Machine is an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air and turns it into clean healthy drinking water. It first circulates refrigerant through a system of coils to create a lower temperature than the humidity of the air, known as the dew point. The process results in the condensation of water which is then sent to a bacteria free holding tank. Various purification measures take place inside the tank to create pure, fresh, and clean drinking water. The system is hands free, just plug and play and start making water today!

    A Brief History of the Water from Thin Air Machine

    In an AWG, the rate at which water is produced depends on factors such as ambient temperature, the general level of humidity, the amount of air passing through the coils, and the coil cooling capacity of the machine. Creating water from thin air is not a completely new concept. The Incas were known to save water for later use by collecting dew and saving it in cisterns. Historical records show the Incas collected water from the atmosphere using fog fences.

    The traditional methods of creating water from air didn’t even require external sources of energy but simply relied on temperature variations for condensation.The water creation technology is not exclusive to humans. There are other creatures on our planet that use the principle to draw water from the air for sustenance. A good example is the darkling beetle species of the Namib Desert on the southwest coast of Africa.

    The beetles thrive successfully in one of the driest places on earth. However, they are able to get all the water they need for survival from ocean fog and dew by simply using their body surfaces as a water creating machine. Researchers studying the beetles have learned a lot from the beetle’s body to determine how synthetic surfaces and chemistry can be used to capture water straight from the air.

    The beetles have micro-sized grooves on their hard forewings that can collect, condense, and channel the manufactured water straight to the beetle’s mouth. The wings have water attracting and repelling features that increase dew and fog harvesting efficiency. Early inventors are known to have created air wells with the objective of collecting moisture from the air and then condensing the moisture into usable water.

    Domestic Atmospheric Water Generators

    Today portable water creators are being manufactured by companies across the world using different types of technologies although the basic concept still remains the same. Most portable water generators extract water from the air by sucking atmospheric air, bringing it to dew point level, and recycling the cold air which is then used to cool even more water.

    Domestic AWGs are capable of producing up to 30 gallons of pure safe and clean drinking water per day. These home or office models come with a stainless steel tank, biodegradable plastics, and an efficient filtration system that ensures the water you drink is purer than any bottled or tap water you’ve ever consumed. The units work best at 80% or higher humidity and are great for reducing the adverse effects of sticky hot summer days. The unit will still provide you with clean water even when humidity levels are at 35%.

    Benefits of a Water Creator Machine

    There are numerous benefits we can enjoy from these handy machines that create water from thin air. Here are some of the key benefits you can get from these machines.
    • Cost effective way of generating water

    An atmospheric water generator provides one of the most cost-efficient ways of producing clean drinking water. An efficient AWG is capable of producing 30 gallons of clean pure drinking water every day at a cost of about 8 cents per gallon.
    • Clean water in humid climates

    A portable atmospheric water generator is a great appliance to have during hot summer months. If you live in areas with humid climates, you can take advantage of the sticky hot situation to create clean drinking water simply by condensing moisture from the humid climate.
    • Clean water in places with constant shortage

    There are many other ways the general population can benefit from atmospheric water generators. The products have proven to be quite useful in developing countries where there is a constant shortage of clean drinking water, for example India. The unit can be built and used as a residential fresh water supply.
    • Clean water when disaster strikes

    Another useful application of the water creator machine is that it can provide a reliable source of clean drinking water when a natural disaster strikes. It is a handy appliance to add to your disaster preparedness list of items. In the face of a disaster, industrial AWGs can continue running since they are either solar or wind-powered. They don’t rely on the local power grid which is often the first casualty of a natural disaster.
    • Best water quality

    The AWG provides the cleanest water you can ever have. The water is derived from moisture in the air then filtered properly to produce the healthiest, cleanest, and purest water. The machine gives you tasteless pure water free from contaminants. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about drinking water with chlorine remnants or contaminated with all forms of risky substances from traces of prescription drugs from hospitals, rocket fuel elements, and God knows what. An atmospheric water generator gives you 100% clean crystal clear water.
    • Benefits to the environment

    Unlike other water purification methods and technologies, the atmospheric water generator does not require, use, or deplete existing ground water supplies. The machine simply creates its own water straight from the air. Best of all, when you power the unit with solar or wind turbine energy, there will be zero carbon emissions from your water production activities. You can reduce you carbon footprint by investing in this clean water production technology.

    The Downside of AWGs 

    Being a new technology, the AWGs have faced a little criticism from some quarters. There are those who claim the technology uses a lot of energy to create a little amount of filtered water. Most manufacturers state that many of these machines use just around the same amount of energy a desktop computer. Technology has advanced far enough for a water creator to exist. With most portable appliances requiring just a small amount of energy to create sufficient volumes of clean water. Some models are capable of giving you 30 gallons of water at a cost of about 8 cents per gallon. Solar or wind-powered models are even more energy efficient.

    The only downside of this technology is it is not possible to create water in places with low humidity. Such as 20% or lower. Conclusion As the world confronts the major challenge of dwindling sources of fresh water, it’s imperative to explore and use other available sources of pure clean water such as the water that is readily available from the air. Increased human activities such as agriculture and logging coupled with major climate changes are some of the major contributors of water shortage.

    The existing sources of fresh water are also facing the danger of depletion or contamination and pollution by industrial activities. Tap water, which is used by a majority of people in the world, is increasingly becoming contaminated too. It, therefore, makes sense to have your own clean drinking water production unit at home or workplace.

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