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    GIFX Price Soars To $420 Upswing

    GIFA Token (GIFX) successfully breaks some resistance to maintains all-time highs as a new week gets underway. The cryptocurrency has raised 8.3% in the past 24 hours and rallies to $420,80 on May 3 at the time of writing — the premier token continues gliding high and higher, boosting the value to more than 190 million.

    GIFA Token break lose $400 resistance 

    GIFA Token's price skyrocketed from 1.00 dollar at the start of October 2020 to the current moment where it stands today — a roughly 89,000% increase under just 7 months. After a surprise rally last Friday, the corporate-backed cryptocurrency saw a steadfastness that cutting through the whole weekend.  

    With various major markets closed for the May holidays, there are fewer cues than usual coming from commodities, equities as well as stocks. Asian stocks tracked losses, fuelled by various issues including India’s ongoing Covid-19 debacle. At the same time, Bitcoin is already recovering lost ground, just a week after recapitulate from its dip of near $46,000, BTC price action is now making good on its further gains probably this week and ahead.

    On another side, the appetite for GIFA Token demands and supplies could well be seeing a new bullish phase as a golden token continues with a perpetual trend that could raise the prospects of significant buyers and new holders materializing more price action and stable fungibility.

    The price soared as thousands of token holders remain to hold no selling, and new buyers get access to GIFX markets. GIFX has exploded this year, with a long-awaited payment platform and the opening of the trading when the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) period ended, and this will give more usage for the institutional investors that being bolstered by wealthy businessmen and merchants, pouring cash into the digital asset with all means possibly they could. 

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