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The Crypto Exchange You Need To Know

GIFA Token—Headquartered in the Republic of Northern Cyprus and launched in September 2020, GIFX exchange has gained a reputation as one of...

GIFA Token—Headquartered in the Republic of Northern Cyprus and launched in September 2020, GIFX exchange has gained a reputation as one of the best crypto exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies. The golden token has evolved into one of the fast-growing cryptos globally, amassing over 46,000 loyal investors and breaking a $140.000.000 record in sales.  

''1 GIFA Token today is trading at $10.90 against the US dollar''

The highly secure and breakthrough technology, GIFX exchange is a state-of-the-art trading platform for novice and ace traders alike. The platform is the brainchild of Mr. Yusuf Kisa, the ''financial wizard'' who began his journey as a businessman contracted by the Heathrow Airport, supplying them with over 35,000 loaves of bread on a daily basis before moving into financial consultancy and later established himself, setting up various companies successfully in Cyprus, Turkey, UK. Recently, he entered into the cryptocurrency world as a market investor and excutive directors of GIFA Token.  

Mr. Kisa envisioning that GIFA Token, as digital money will disrupt the way traditional banking system and financing operates. GIFA cryptocurrency is a decentralized and inclusive blockchain ecosystem of which everybody can participate without any hassles. The exchange platform and its native token ''GIFA Token'' shall empower everyone to invest, trade, exchange, and interact with other cryptocurrencies in discovering new opportunities that will ensure financial freedom.

Additionally, with supplementary products, such as the digital wallet, the platform provides users with greater control over their finances.  Talking about the objective that led to the foundation of the platform, the CEO says, “ GIFA Token is people's cryptocurrency.  Therefore, we ensured to bring a trading platform that provides premium quality services to our customers and investors. 

Compared to other crypto exchanges, the GIFX exchange makes the trading process as straightforward as can be. Traders of all experience levels will have no trouble navigating the trading platform’s intuitive buy-and-sell order placement, and real-time charting and price updates.

When you create a trading account, you’ll need a minimum deposit, this only required for the purpose of top-up your account, however, you don’t need to spend a penny to sign up. The platform doesn’t charge a deposit fee like other cryptocurrency trading platforms used to do. Whatever digital assets you decide to buy or trade, you’ll enjoy GIFX exchange's sleek platform with straightforward tools like price charts, digital wallet, alert, leverage, and trading history. 

You can also access your account via the GIFX exchange mobile app. As long as you have a decent understanding of cryptocurrency trading, you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating the GIFA Token's platform, whether on a desktop or the App.

 These are cryptocurrencies exchange offers:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • GIFA Token (GIFX)

Is GIFX Trading Platform right for you?

The crypto exchange recently has opened the trading platform for all members and still busy improving the digital wallet, ''GIFA Wallet'', and adding some security features, soon the wallet along with the new P2P module will be accessible to users once again. The exchange apologizes for the inconveniences, may it causes!

With all these laudable features, GIFX exchange is open to more challenges and providing excellent crypto service at the best rates across the globe. Being the best platform for upcoming and professional traders in the digital realm. The exchange also offers trading services on iOS and Android applications in order to give a better and easier trading experience.

Driven by the ambition to change the discourse of the crypto trading industry worldwide and committed to safeguarding users and investors, GIFX exchange is stepping up to make the platform a hub for potential traders to cap the benefits of crypto trading, a massive market, and income streams.

With this seamless and hassle-free, exchange inspiring potential traders to try their hands on this advancing technology, GIFA Token ( is taking strides to carve its niche and indeed its name as a safe, trusted, and exhilarating platform for institutional investors and pro traders who wish to capitulate the available investment opportunity.

(1) Whether you’ve been a dedicated investor for a long time, or you want to dip a toe into the world of cryptocurrency for the first time, don’t hesitate to try out GIFX exchange to get a feel glimpse of the platform and take available advantage of the numerous features the platform provides to the users.

(2) If you’re an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, you should pick a cryptocurrency exchange that supports a wide variety of best crypto products.  (3) If you're a big-money trader of (more than $50,000 in a given month), you may be able to get discounts on trading fees and enjoy other bunches of promotional bonuses, the exchange constantly offers to the customers. 

(4) The exchange offers a wide range of order types including limit, market, and stop-limit mechanisms (Some of these options may not be available in other countries). 

Buying crypto

  • Deposit fee: $0
  • Supported currencies: USD ($), GBP (£), EUR (€), TL (₺)
  • Free digital wallet: Yes
  • Accepts: Credit and debit cards, PayPal, Bank deposit & wire transfer
  • Swap: You can use other cryptos to buy GIFA Token
  • Free bonus: Up to 50% when you spend $10,000 

One of the most interesting features of GIFX exchange is its "payment methods," which allows you to deposit money, do a wire transfer and be able to buy the token with other cryptocurrencies via swap. Another interesting feature is the digital wallet, ''GIFA Wallet'' which allows you to store, hold and trade cryptocurrencies in the list of BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, XRP, GIFX, and (DOGE) on the platform. Essentially, you can buy your favorite coin/token and watch your own digital assets grow without doing anything.

Payment may delays users getting started with GIFX exchange. Every incoming deposit is put on hold for 7 days depends on the bank that initiated the deposit. Transfers can take another 3 days, so you're looking at 10 days before actually the money reaches the exchange. This also applies to wired-in funds as well, which can also take up to 7 days to reflect on your record, before being authorized to trade when the fund has been received. Need help, or speeding up your trading account approval, please email [email protected] for inquiries.