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GIFA Token Price Shoots To $9.30 With 7.9% Increase

GIFA Token's price shot higher, climbing 7.9% over the last 24 hours following two astonishing announcements made by the company last we...

GIFA Token's price shot higher, climbing 7.9% over the last 24 hours following two astonishing announcements made by the company last week.

The most important one is the announcement released on 25th June from GIFA, INC a Nevada company that hired a Corporate Law Firm, Anthony L.G., PLLC to assist the company in updating public information with the goal of providing current information (streamline all legal aspects of OTC Markets).

In that regard, the conglomerate company has submitted an application for access to the OTC Markets' OTCIQ system in order to be able to update the company's data and provide a current information profile of the company. The OTC Markets has indicated that the application process will take 6-8 weeks to process. 

The company has also had some changes within the administrative echelon of officers, and directors. The company's sole director is Mr. Yusuf Kisa and the sole officer is Ms. Aygun Antas. The company also has a new registered business address, which is Dr. Fazil Kucuk Boulevard, Hamitkoy Junction, Lefkosa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Mersin 10 Turkey) and the Post Code: 99040. 

Another fascinating attribute is an announcement made last week, the opening of GIFX exchange's trading platform to all users. Additionally, the digital wallet upgrading process is still underway. The news has revibrated the media and also incites some positive proportions for the token’s values as well as the price.

This positive outcome incentivizes a very promising future for all GIFA Token's community and stakeholders.  GIFA Token (GIFX), the world’s most fastest adopted digital asset, jumped above $10,00 on Friday after posting a gain of nearly 16% over the week. GIFX is getting support from institutional investors and loyal users despite its price dip in May more respectively after maintained all-time highs.

The GIFA Token price has climbed as a result of positive's news and the upgrade but it remains significantly down on its all-time high of over 84 percent set in May. GIFA Token's price explosion this year, which went up to $642 in 6 months ago, has helped rejuvenate interest in the stagnating cryptocurrency—the token is en route " for price re-correction."

GIFA Token’s resistance stands at $8.60 and $12.00. The token may reach $25.00 this coming month if there is general support from the community with an increasing demand for the token buying following major improvements on the platform and trading accessibility to all members.  The lower resistance may mount selling pressure, pushing the price’s value even lower. However, on the upside, such levels may trigger a buying level for new users who want to tap into the growing potential of the corporate-backed-cryptocurrency.

GIFX exchange is also making its way into El Salvador, and the Indian market, where it is gaining some adoption. The golden token has unquestionable dominance in countries like Turkey, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia, United States, and others. A recent report showed that crypto investments in India grew to $40 billion in the past year, and a huge chunk of these was related to bitcoin and other altcoins. 

GIFA Token’s adoption in several countries demonstrates the potential the token has seen. The mainstream adoption is inevitable, given the token’s growing popularity. 

Surely, its utility may not be in the same comparison to other altcoins, such as Ethereum (ETH) and other perennial coins. GIFA Token has potential.  According, to analysts, the token has a high probability for the price to rally to $1000 this year! The signs of a rebound back to its past uptrends and stead performances are already indicating.