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Borrow Up To 100% Of Your Crypto With ZERO Collateral

GIFX exchange - allows investors to borrow crypto credits  against their crypto holdings. What does that entail? ''Well, we give you...

GIFX exchange - allows investors to borrow crypto credits against their crypto holdings. What does that entail? ''Well, we give you GIFX, USDT, BTC, or ETH credit.''  ''We accept GIFX, USDT, BTC, and ETH as collateral.'' Borrowers can enjoy high liquidity, lower annual interest rates (3%) as well as flexible repayment schedules with no prepayment penalties or fees, plus zero capital tax gains. 

Use your 100% crypto assets to secure an instant crypto loan that starts from $10,000 as a minimum for personal loans and $100,000 above for business loans. Get the credit you want from your crypto assets without selling them.  For investors who need liquidity in the short term but don’t want to sell their crypto - this loan is a solid bet for you. 
''Payback without any penalties as early as you want.''
You can now leverage your idle crypto assets to secure a crypto-backed loan, that you can use to meet a wide range of financial goals, like buying a house, investing in real estate, funding a business, or refinancing high-interest debt, among other purposes.— the new trend of crypto-backed loans is a growing phenomenon in the industry.

Keys for Taking Away

  • With a GIFX loan, you can borrow up to 100% of the value of your crypto. 
  • You can use your crypto-backed loan to buy various properties and assets. 
  • Grow your portfolio and meet your financial goals.

''Our clients can start applying today to borrow crypto loans, which will be deposited directly into their accounts or wallets in less than 48 hours.'' Crypto loans offer good exposure to the market with lower interest rates and better repayment options than most traditional banks do - making crypto-backed loans an appealing option to investors who’d like to widen their crypto portfolios and attain financial independence. On top of this, the GIFA Exchange offers — crypto loans based on your crypto collateral.

What is a Crypto Loan?

Crypto loans let you borrow crypto. There are two different types of crypto loans available - crypto loans with collateral and crypto loans without collateral. There are many reasons an investor may take out a crypto loan. Holding is a common strategy, but idle assets do little for crypto investors while they wait for the moon. A crypto loan can help increase your liquidity without depleting the assets you hold.

Why Get a Crypto Loan?

It’s fast, secure, and easy to borrow crypto loans by using your crypto holdings as collateral. Allowing borrowers to fund their businesses. Let's say you hold 1 BTC. You're waiting for BTC to hit 100K to sell and you're confident it's going to get there eventually. But you need liquidity now and don't want to sell your BTC. You can use your 1 BTC as collateral to get a loan. Once you've paid back your loan and the loan interest, your collateralized crypto is returned to you. 

Crypto loans come with a lot of perks that can increase liquidity without depleting the assets you hold - giving you cash flow whenever you need it. This can also allow you to make further investments, essentially putting your stalled crypto holdings to work. The traditional financial systems have created big obstacles for millions of people around the world who are denied access to financial instruments for a long. Thanks to blockchain technology, the digital revolution that brought decentralized finance and freedom of money to allow crypto users to leverage their crypto holdings as collateral in securing loans.

The biggest benefit is when it comes to your tax bill. In most countries, when you sell, trade or spend crypto, you’ll pay Capital Gains Tax on any capital gain (profit) you make as a result. So if you’re looking to sell an asset or trade an asset to invest in another - you’ll likely have a tax bill. But crypto loans can give you access to a huge crypto portfolio (or cash) without triggering a taxable event because you haven’t disposed of your crypto yet.

Crypto Loans Tax

As we mentioned above, crypto loans offer some big perks when it comes to your tax bill. You won’t pay tax for taking out a crypto loan. It’s not considered income and you’re not disposing of your crypto by selling it, trading it, or spending it. So Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax don’t apply. 

This means you can use a crypto loan to increase your liquidity and avoid paying Capital Gains Tax on crypto. So if you’d like to invest in another asset - or if you need cash but don’t want the tax bill that comes with selling crypto - you can take out a crypto loan to swerve the tax bill. The goodness is that there are no credit checks as it’s all based on your crypto collateral and your loan can be immediately deposited into your trading account or wallet. 

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