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GIFA Token (GIFX) Price Prediction For Today 20 May

The daily chart reveals that GIFX/USD swayed down to break above the previous resistance levels. Moreover, the GIFA Token (GIFX) begins the...

The daily chart reveals that GIFX/USD swayed down to break above the previous resistance levels. Moreover, the GIFA Token (GIFX) begins the day trying to rebound back with a sharp momentum towards the $500 and probably crossing above that within 6-day or 9-day moving averages.

After a solid hammering in previous performances, GIFX is back with decent gains on Friday amid volatility in the markets.

GIFA Token (GIFX) price on Friday 20th May is trading at $466.91. GIFA Token's 24-hour trading chart reveals that bulls are likely to come back into the market if the token moves to cross above the upper boundary of $800. Therefore, if the buyers' actions suppress the sellers' outpouring this will move the current market value of the token further up, putting more pressure on the price action to hit the resistance level of $1000.

GIFA Token, the $420 million worthed-token issued by GIFA Bussiness Group, has taken the industry by surprise since its inception.  It’s hard to spot an ambitious project, mainly because there are so many bright ideas in the DeFi business nowadays which also spans into Web3. We have seen the crypto boom championed by the raised and fall of TerraUSD (UST) which partly triggered a $1 trillion crypto market crash. 

Despite the turbulence of the crypto market GIFA Token has grown to become the world's fast-growing and stable digital asset that is 100% pegged by USD currency. GIFA Token has become so successful crypto project because the company has found a way to simplify some of the complex concepts. While it may not seem at the same level as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is all attributed to the fact that Mr. Yusuf Kisa the founder of the GIFA Token is widely known as a ''financial wizard'' and one of the greatest business minds, he’s always been at the forefront of any technological or financial revolutions. 

Ever since GIFA Token became a world brand, he’s been an avid backer and investor of several crypto projects. Until just two years ago, some people laughed at the thought of launching GIFA digital currency. But no one seems to be laughing now unless only critics that envy the success of GIFA Token as it slowly penetrates the market. Since 2020, some GIFA Token users have been able to purchase furniture, property, and rent cars using GIFX, therefore, embracing Kisa’s visionary mindset.

NOTE: GIFA Token holders are now able to swap or convert their GIFX to any cryptocurrency listed on GIFA Exchange. Users can also buy and sell them to other traders. However, to perform such functions you are required to set up your exchange account, and then top up the account.  All GIFA Token holders have already informed last week about what they should do to start trading on the newly updated trading platform.

Price Fluctuations

When crypto asset prices rise, everyone wants to make a quick cashout, of course, it is easy to sell the crypto during the bull period because there are plenty of buyers that are eager and ready to acquire the token at par. But this liquidity dries up quickly when other crypto asset prices swing down. Even modest selling causes prices to gap lower and transaction pitches to shrink even lower as buyers disappear from the network. 

In GIFA Token's case, the scenario is still the same pressure of selling is often intensified by the sudden demand to redeem the token quickly while the price is up, thus anticipating it before falls even further. To prevent sudden outflows, and massive offloads, the company has put some requirements on each holder who want to swap the token with other liquidity cryptocurrencies supported by the platform.  Please, get in touch with GIFA Token's support team ([email protected]) for further clarity and more information on how to top up your exchange account and trade with GIFA Token.

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Last week, the entire crypto market fell as low as 95 cents before mostly recovering but still remains slightly below the average, according to CoinMarketCap data, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular virtual assets crashed causing traders and investors to rush for the exit. 

Meanwhile, the global cryptocurrency market cap was trading higher at the $1.28 trillion mark, jumping more than 3 percent in the last 24 hours. However, the total cryptocurrency trading volume added about a percent to $82.39 billion. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most cryptocurrencies rose after witnessing a steep fall. 

Bitcoin is currently trading above the $30,000 mark as buyers reacted to the oversold conditions. Bitcoin has been able to hover around the $30,000 level, surpassing the pessimism. Whether it can continue to swim against the sentiment tide, time will tell.