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Yusuf Kısa: We Have Reached Our Goal In GIFA Token

Turkish Cypriot businessman, Mr.Yusuf Kisa. Photo: @y.kisa1 /Instagram. Cryptocurrencies are lucrative investment opportunities, owing ...

Yusuf Kisa
Turkish Cypriot businessman, Mr.Yusuf Kisa. Photo: @y.kisa1 /Instagram.

Cryptocurrencies are lucrative investment opportunities, owing to their volatility, utility, and store of value. The GIFA Token (GIFX) that cost $1.00 (USD) two years back is now priced at $34.8. More and more people are enthusiastically investing in GIFA Token thus increasing its value day by day. 

Yusuf Kısa is the GIFA Token's co-founder and owner of Yeni Bakis, a Cypriot tabloid daily newspaper as well as he is the Chief Executive and Director of GIFA Holding limited. The Cypriot businessman said ''we've reached our goal in GIFA Token and this is a very important achievement for us''. GIFA Token pre-sale and initial coin offering campaign turned out to be a big success, raising more than $340 million in less than 24 months. 

Thanks to 890,000 holders and 632 institutional investors that strongly backed the project. GIFA Token has finally reached another milestone in its Roadmap. We were hoping to be able to reach that goal at the end of 2023, but it turned out that the crypto community is much more excited about our project than we initially thought! This reflects our persistence and commitment as we promise to do anything possible to not disappoint any of you. 

Kısa stated that the reason for the success of the GIFA Token largely depends on investors and people who support it. ''We had set ourselves a goal and we reached this goal a few days in advance''. GIFA Token has managed to attract attention by making an unexpected move in the profit rates of the crypto world. However, Kısa reiterated that investors should be extra cautious when investing in this financial sector, Yusuf Kısa said, adding that many investors have suffered losses. But, our investors have infinite confidence in us. Whatever we have said so far, we have done it and put everything in the right place at the right time."  

''We are setting ourselves a second target to achieve, which I am sure will be faster.'' Despite glaring turbulences within the crypto industry, the crypto world is slowly growing day by day. In antiparticipation to staying one step ahead of the future global digital economy, we have propelled ourselves into the crypto space, making GIFA Token a true global crypto asset with huge untapped potential. It's indeed through this growth and achievement we are expressing our happiness for what we have done so far. 

However, there is room for better improvement, and Rome was not conquered in a single day! ''There was a promise I made that when I made my investors millionaires, I said that I would have a nice and enjoyable coffee drinkNow I notice that the coffee is getting angry, and frankly I know very well that there is little time left to drink the coffee.''

"We achieved the difficult in the pandemic"

When the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic broke out it led to lockdowns and social restrictions that drastically shut down many businesses and further disrupted the supply chains. To prevent the catastrophic turmoils and technical bankruptcy many companies were forced to cut financial budgets, shed off the working force, and make strategic moves as adjustments to save cost and explore other emerging business ventures as alternatives. 

Yusuf Kısa being a business innovator added that in 2020, many business sectors have been severely affected and some have come to the point of sinking due to the pandemic. However, we, as the GIFA family, decided to enter the crypto world by turning the effects of the pandemic into an alternative and we achieved very good success in the end. 

Our expectation for 2021, and the years to follow is very big and I am sure that we will achieve all goals that we set for ourselves, and we shall never take any single step back. Although we faced great difficulties, traversing on rough trains and being exposed to fake attacks. We managed to overcome them all and therefore nothing will deter or prevent us from achieving what we want! 

Last but not least, we would like to say thank you once again to everyone who supported or are still planning to buy GIFA Token. It wouldn't be possible without your support! If you are also looking forward to trading in cryptocurrencies, click here

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