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    New whales Are Entering The GIFX Market

    The coins chart-image of the market conceptual representation of crypto whales. / GIFX
    Whales have accelerated the accumulation of the golden token over the last few weeks following the price upswing. According to the latest data obtained by satoshiz.org, a blockchain news outlet, several new wallet addresses have been added, and some existing GIFA Token holders have invested even more, an estimated 30,000 GIFA Token acquired since 25 March. 

    Definition of Whales

    The term 'whale' refers to an investor with deep pockets who can move the market by buying or selling in large volumes. Given the relatively modest market caps of crypto assets compared to other sectors, the movements of crypto whales can provide important price signals to alert investors. 

    The terminology 'whale' comes from the traditional financial markets and refers to a trader with a significant amount of capital. Due to the large size of a whale trader's position, whale traders can influence markets to move in either direction when they make large buy or sell orders.

    Using the whale analogy, it can be useful to imagine the crypto market as an ocean where small fish have little influence on the water's current and to survive from the pressure they must swim in the same direction as the current moves. A whale can cause volatile storms or big splashes in the seas that wipe out the small fish ashore.

    GIFA Token Whales

    According to the data, the exchange highlighted although never disclosed the identities of new whales entered the GIFX market in the last few months, creating a new base of competitive buyers and institutional investors who seek to add more of the golden token to their balance sheets as faster as they could, thus exposing the duel behaviors of old and new whales amid the GIFA Token correction.

    There are a few whales' addresses that each holding more than 20,000+ GIFX according to an insider source. And such intents also indicate the old members continuing to accumulate more as the value of the token increase. The price action over the past week has created competitive clusters of whales. The Northern Cyprus-based cryptocurrency exchange saw a huge gain as the price of GIFX touched $512.41 on 13 April before dipping to $356.91, where it currently stands today, as of writing.

    It's an incorrect assumption to say the crypto whales don’t influence the crypto market, their capitals and influences got the potentials to swing prices at will.

    The sign-ups of new heavyweights demonstrate that whales are interesting in buying GIFA Token, with the price remain all-time highs. Whales are the main pillars catapulting the corporate’s digital currency in large volumes, the total value of the tokens sold stands at around $119,007,411 so far.

    Do Crypto Whales Dictate Prices?

    • Yes! Any transaction can able to create a ripple effect that can swing the influence of a cryptocurrency’s price.
    The impact of whales can be felt especially in the altcoin market, imagine an investor purchasing $3 million worth of the token, the market will move substantially if such holder decides to sell part of his portfolio, or if a large buyer comes in. 

    It's important to understand the principles of wealth distribution in the blockchain ecosystem. Crypto whales’ are some of the most critical players in the crypto market. A crypto whale is an investor with significant capital. They can move substantially more numbers than individual traders, and most of these entities are usually institutional investors.

    It is a commonly held belief that crypto whales control the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While this is true to an extent, but the truth is somewhat more complex. However, it is always worth keeping an eye on these players because they can provide valuable insight into the future of crypto. 

    Why Should You Care About Crypto Whales?

    • Savvy investors do understand why it’s best to keep an eye on whales. Firstly, they shed light on promising investment opportunities. 
    • Additionally, their holdings and decisions can play crucial roles in deciding any cryptocurrency’s supply and demand dynamics.
    • Crypto whales accumulated their capital via effective investment decisions. 
    • They’re excellent references for any trader interested in becoming a better investor. 
    • Crypto whales’ cash flows and movements offer excellent insight, which you can use to adapt your strategies for better results and built a strong foundation of wealthiness.
    • Since they’re more likely to spot profitable investments, their movements can be significant signals for traders. So, keep your eyes wide open on them to see where these wealthy businessmen and key players going, pumping in their heavy capitals.  
    • Individual traders need to aim to jump into unexploited trends while they’re “fresh” since that means heftier profits in not so distant future. 


    Additionally, crypto whales have a noticeable influence on the GIFX market, which is a new and faster-growing opportunity. Most traders believe whales control prices because their capital allows them to inflate and deflate investment assets as they wish. Many traders keep their eyes on crypto whales because they perceive them as price shifters. 

    The whales’ capital; grows any cryptocurrency’s demand, real price shifts, and value propositions. There is optimism within the GIFX community as the market expanding, creating a cascading effect of friendlier competitions between the newbie whales and the veteran whales. 

    GIFA Token (GIFX) is a global crypto exchange that provides a digital wallet, and trading platform for various cryptocurrencies. GIFX exchange is a secure platform to buy & sell bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin, and others. GIFA exchange based in Northern Cyprus.

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