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    The New Update May Catalyze GIFA Token Price Higher

    The current updates on the GIFX exchange platform will serve as a solid foundation and a game-changer that could play a key role in triggering the ascent for the GIFA Token price and value. Well, the new development will stabilizing the already added Berlin hard fork combinator technologies and will make www.exchange.gifatoken.com a versatile trading platform for professional traders and make it an unhackable trading platform.

    This unique update is part of a multi-phase rollout, with full haulage of the system. The GIFX community has been informed early Thursday, 1st July that the platform is currently under temporary maintenance to upgrading important aspects and implementing some features on the platform. The downtime will go until Monday, 5th July when the integration process fully completed and you will be informed promptly concerning the operational status.

    ''The downtime is required for regular maintenances and improving the system in order to better serve you.'' 

    The company issued a formal notice stating that ''We are apologizing for the inconvenience may it causes. ''We request our users, investors, and co-owners to observe the level of patience at this moment, and we will update you with the latest information''  ''Users may see intermittent error messages throughout their accounts login especially, on the digital wallet which also under maintenance.'' ''We’re aware of the issue and our technical teams are working hard to get everything up and running''.

    Major updates

    • Wallet system improvement
    • Security improvement
    • Trading platform upgrade (adding more cryptocurrencies)
    •  Resolving platform scalability  
    •  Benchmarking

    ''Some functionality in your account may not display as usual until the upgrading process is completely done '' Your assets are safe and sound!  The latest announcement made yesterday comes after the GIFX exchange receiving continuous critical updates and improvements of the multi-asset support functionality, security, trading console, and wallet system.  

    GIFA Token price falters but stays on track

    According to data from Bloxy which is part of Bitquery a US-based Blockchain Data Company that uses artificial intelligence and algorithm of cryptorank.io and Ethereum data insights analytic, the update might catalyze GIFA Token's price for an 89% upswing.  Since its inception last year, the golden token has grown quite astonishingly. The token went from a $1.00 (USD) launching price tag to stand at $642 as of 28 May with 35,000,000,000 in the trading volume as of  02 February 2021.

    GIFA Token's trading data insights and transaction graph / Bloxy screenshot.
    The optimism perceives in the GIFX bullish outlook indicates that the price will rebound back and probably goes beyond $100, a 78% correction from the current price. Such a move will create a huge buying power and opens further liquidity. If the bullish momentum persists, this seems likely.

    In such a scenario, the GIFA Token price could catapult 89% toward the target at $1000. This upswing is not going to be a catwalk, mainly due to crucial bearish effects cascading the entire cryptocurrency industry.  If buyers push the GIFA Token price above the flat resistance at $8.59, it will signal a major breakout for the corporate-backed non-fungible token. Before the platform went under downtime for maintenance the token price was hovering above the triangle’s hypotenuse at $10.00.  

    In addition to expanding its footprint in the crypto sphere, GIFX exchange is making maximum efforts to improve the trading platform with the aim to accelerate GIFA Token adoption in the regions like Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

    The platform offers trading, digital wallets, and other various services such as real estate tokenization. GIFX exchange is working with various partners and stakeholders locally, regionally, and internationally in the emerging fintech market, to achieve its ambitious goal.

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