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    The Power Behind Ovambo-Kwanyamas' Kingdom

    Our common historical legacy, artifact, norms, legends, and myths shall be preserved.

    The Oukwanyama's Kingdom situates in the northern part of Namibia and lays in Southern Angola. Her Majesty, Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu is the current ruler of the Kwanyama.  For millennia Kwayama's kings and queens were undefeatable warriors who wage war for ivories and partake in cattle raids in Dombondola, Ombadja,Evale and other vital places with interest. 

    I must astride that in every tribe there are legends and mythologies that shaped the community and inspire the people who live beyond. Kwanyams too in this idiom do consecrate their rituals and preserving their own identities in the forms of traditional virtues, superstitions and taboos ( iidhila). The main purpose of writing the article on this weblog is to reflect back in our culture and history in learning how the Namibian people and indeed the Kwanyamas with their kingdom been undefeated throughout all the ages.  Although, the Oukwanyama's kingdom was ever facing the warring enemies from all directions, be it the European conquistadors or other tribal kingdoms. It is very interestingly to know what sort of power really that shielded the Ovambo's people and more specifically the Kwanyama's dynasty.

    Power Stone

    The "POWER STONE" (Emanya loMundilo Woshilongo shauKwanyama) was an extraordinary piece of meteorite believed to possessing some mystical power and symbolize the good governance, political stability, and prosperity for the kingdom. This same regal in the discussion for centuries has been used as a medium connecting the livings with the departed world of ancestral spirits (Aakwamungu).  

    The cosmic energy within the Power Stone has mystified many include Europen missionaries. In February 1886, Martti Rautanen referred the Power Stone as ''Oshilongo-Sten''  which literally means, the stone of the kingdom. The supernatural force in these Power Stones can't be explained by the law of physics or science nor either defined by the limitation of religious orthodox and dogmas. I must assert to you that the supernatural effect is the mother law that governed our universe and creation that part of you. The law that governs every matter is invisible and is beyond human understanding and logic. 
    The memories are echoing our common historical legacy, artefact, norms, legends and myths shall be preserved as an aural record for the future generations.

    Political Significance

    All kings in Oukwanyama ascending on power were made to step their right foot on the Power Stone. The Founding Father Sam Nujoma one time he also stepped on the power stone, of Oukwanyama during its welcoming from overseas where it was kept and possibly defiled its power by the churches, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM).  

    The cosmologists and Astrologists, the experts who studied things related to horoscopes and astra fourth dimensions have pointed out that among the materials (debris) fell from space some are fully charged with natural magnetism.  Experts in occult science noted that these strange celestial objects are forever pervading here on the planet. Due to the plethora of information deriven from an oral record, I must assert that the supernatural force believed to be possessed by this power stone can't be explained by the law of physics or science nor either defined by the limitation of religious dogmas. The supernatural force is a mother law that governed the whole universe and creation and this law that pervading over every matter on this planet, Earth is not only invisible to our senses like but also propagates beyond human understanding and logic.

    White people (Suomi) knew very well, and by removing the objects which native people believed and revered them as their indefinitely sacred power, this is the only way to disarm them from cultural idioms and convert the people to a monotheism of a white's man.  There are several accounts in Ovambo communities where religious persecution was carried out against the local people who believed as witches. There are many claims that the power stone of Oukwanyama is part of witchcraft that possessed by the demon, the church always after the traditional regal in its guest to decentigrade ancient belief and norms of the indigenous people. All African believes include of the Ovambo were regarded as Paganism and Church always seeking an opportunity to perform spiritual purification through exorcism (Exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person, or an area, that are believed to be possessed). 

    How the power stone discovered?

    The Power Stone of Oukwanyama estimated to be discovered before the 1600s.  According to Oukwanyama history that being told in old folklores and communicated through orals such as songs, poems, and incantations.  The Power Stone was spotted by a royal woman, a sibling of King Shitenhu the first king who ruled Oukwanyama around (the 1500s). 

    The power stone was discovered by a royal woman, and this is contrary to the documentary video that depicturing men who were drinking water when he spotted it.  According to Me Mukwanime Joshua Mafange Kanapo who born in 1920 and passed on 2009. Me Mukwanime she grew up very close with Oukwanyama royal family and her father Joshua Kanapo was one of the senior elder council and headman of Embwinda, a village in southern Angola.  Mekwanime relayed the oral history of a woman who went to fetch water and upon reached the pond she stumbled into an object in the mid of the water, which later identified as a power stone.  

    This spectacular amazed a woman, she extended her two hands to grab the object, which was not so heavy and when she touches it.  Startlingly,  she felt some vibration spread from her hands to the entire body. In the sock of awe, she jumped out of the pond and ran away straight to the palace, to report about the strange thing in the water pond. The people came and took the object, but still producing vibration if a person touches it.

    The object was taken to the palace, and the elders of Oukwanyama royal council summoned all (Namungangas) who concluded that the object was a ''falling star'' from the outer world. In Me Mumukwani testimony actually, nobody knew what type of object it was, since it was not an ordinary rock, some people said it was possessed by unknown force akin to the ancestral spirits  (Eemepo dakwamungu).  Throughout the course of time the object proved itself to have magic power, such believes made some falling meteorites to be a defacto sacred objects in many communities of Ovambo, particularly Oukwanyama, Ondonga and other tribes who were also possessing similar objects. 

    Artifacts Repatriation

    Eiffel tower
    Ritual Doll from the Ovambo people that made from Wood, glass beads and shells. 
    The Africa Accessioned Project was created with the sole purpose to conduct research, trace lost African relics and repatriate them. The advocators in the project echoed a very strong sentiment for African countries especially the indigenous communities who lost their cultural artifacts that hold some sacred significance to their social ethnography. The collective decision was taken for all artifacts to be returned back from overseas collections such as American Museum of Natural History, Weltkulturen Museum Munich, Saint Louis Art Museum and among others.  

    Thousands of African traditional regal include the ones confiscated from Namibia are still in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Britain, France, Portugal, and the United States. When Namibia got its independence from the South African Apartheid regime, the Finnish Government and its museum sector have shown the goodwill toward Namibian people and made a decision to repatriate voluntary Namibian objects of national importance. Without the initiative of Africa Accessioned Project, there could be no discovery of Hereros-Nama remains that was kept in the American Museum of Natural History, in the US. 
    In 2014 Ms Raili Huopainen Director of the Kumbukumbu Museum of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM) and Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich in Switzerland got opportunity to visit Nakambale Museum at Oniipa in Namibia, where she announced that her museum would be closing shortly, and before it closed, she would make ensure all artifact in her collection which was taken from Namibia, are documented into a digital folders and transfer to the original owners.  The Embassy of Finland’s Exhibition Development project provided funding to enable a team from MAN to visit Finland from 6th-16th June 2015. 

    Exhibits from the archive department in the Kumbukumbu Museum of Finnish Mission.
    The team consisted of Dr Jeremy Silvester the training officer for (Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) ) and Ms Charmaine Tjizezenga (Project Officer: Exhibition Development) and Mrs Magdalena Kaanante (Curator: Nakambale Museum). When they visited Helsinki they found out that there was information related to the sacred regal of Ondonga ''Artifact 5620'' (Oshipapa) and other artefacts which still not yet returned. The Oukwanyama's symbol of power was returned to the Kwanyama Traditional Authority in 1990 and in 2014 another part of the regal symbols (omiya dhoshilongo) shaOmbalantu was also returned to the Mbalantu Traditional Authority.     


    Power in other Kingdoms: According to Daniel Hans Namuhuja, the King Nembungu lya Mutundu who ruled Ondonga from  1750-1810. Namuhuja stated that Omukwaniilwa Nembungu he was such a superstitious king who enforced iidhila (taboos) and omisindila (rites) throughout Ondonga. According to another testimony of Shilongo Uukule made on 17th August 2001 in which it was stated that a meteorite with mysterious power landed near Nembungu's palace in Ondonga and it was quickly adopted as (omulilo gwemanya lyoshilongo).

    Evale rain-Makers: Evale was part of Oukwanyama kingdom and was incorporated into Angola officially in 1929 after the death of Ohamba Mandume yaNdemufayo.  According to Tatekulu Helao Shityuwete, whose father, Nelindi Shityuwete was a member of the royal family at Evale described having seen the wonder of the Power Stone in the early 1930s. His testimony was given at a presentation at the Namibia Scientific Society on 24th November 2014. 

    Many ritual performances of Oukwanyama were carryout at Evale which was the most important rain-making scene in whole Ovambo and beyond. It
     was/is widely believed that the ancestors of dead kings (ovakwamhungu) were the holders of the rain (Williams, 1991: 109, 168).  Some kingdoms within Ovambo (perhaps all) held sacred stones and actually they knew how to invoke the rainfall.   Edwin Loeb, for example, states that rain-making is described in Oshindonga as okusagela kuomvula imenge. The historian Jason Amakutuwa stated that the Uukwambi Kingdom also had two big round stones – “They called these stones `rain eggs’ or `rain thunderbolts, the eggs of Nuutoni’” as according to the late Jason Amakutuwa.

    Cosmology and similar belief: Empirically speaking these strange stones fell from space have given rise to popular holy sites and many sacred centres around the world were erected where the astral objects have landed. The phenomena of falling objects weren't only occurred in Oukwanyama, Mbalantu and Ondonga. All over the world cosmic objects such as meteorites with peculiar power became an integral component of various religion and cults like for instance the Celtic druidism cultures that sanctified the Bluestones which known as "Aubrey holes" at Stonehenge in England. 

    Another example is Mo'ai stones at Rapa Nui, a far island in Pacific ocean that popularly known as Easter Island. All these pieces of cosmic stones share the same parallel in paranormal and ancestral occult system. Occult scientists and cosmologists are running researches trying to get at the bottom of these cosmic objects and explain the claims about the link between the physical world and other astral dimensions.

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    1. Hi, I would be interested to chat with you. I think the issue of the power stones and the ancestral graves of the kings is an extremely important issue.
      What do you think should be done with the Power Stones that have been returned ? At the moment there is a possibility that one or two more might be sent back to Namibia. You can contact me on jeremysilvester3@gmail.com or by phone on 0812805130. The Museums Association of Namibia is very interested in the possibilities for establishing local community-based museums with objects that might be repatriated from European museum over the next few years.


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